Nausea bloating

Hi I a new Huel powder gluten free user
I have noticed it gives me some nausea and bloating I saw that it is not only me I’m also a IBS suffer so I blame fiber for that What could I do about that? Will my body get used ti that change of food I drink it once a day for now about 1 hour after breakfast

Your body should adapt to the change in fibres, yes.
Do you usually have another 400kcal meal 1h after breakfast?
It could also be that you’re not used to have such amount of food (not only fibres) in so short amount of time?

Try drinking it much slower,over a longer period.

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I really eat symbolic breakfast like 3 slices of scrispy bread with coffee So I’m not overeating I just can’t drink coffee on empty stomach and then after 1 h I drink my Huel when I’m already at work

And before huel did you use to have a meal at the same time? What did you usually have?

Before Huel I had or bigger breakfast or no breakfast It depends what time I start work But I think I know where the bloating was from I also drink about 20 to max 30 ml flaxseed oil ( cold and freshly pressed) Today I didn’t drink it and I am not bloated (yet)I will see tomorrow after drinking the oil But I was feeling nausea after drinking Huel in the morning

IBS is a tough one Marzena. It really comes down to what works for you, if you find Huel doesn’t agree with you then that’s okay.

If your body is not used to eating anything, and suddenly you introduce 400kcal worth of food (and fibres as well), you should expect to feel a bit more full, perhaps bloated etc…

I hope I will be OK Like I said before I didn’t drink my flaxseed oil yesterday and I was much better So maybe it is too much flaxseeds Today I had my Huel like usually in the morning and I didn’t have nausea That’s good Maybe soon I will try 2 shakes a day Fingers crossed PS My stomach do weird noises but nothing harmfull Probably it is adjusting :crazy_face:

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Update : I had my Huel powder yesterday in the morning and I didn’t drink any today.I had some bloating in the morning and weird feeling in my throat I called it “hairy throat” because this is how I felt it.I don’t have nausea today which prove that it was Huel related.I think I will start slowly with 1 scoop only and will see Is anyone here who had problems like that and is ok now?

Thanks for the update Marzena. You may have an allergy or intolerance to one of the ingredients, so I’d recommend not having Huel.

hi I decided not to give up yet My nausea is gone now and bloating decreased :grinning:

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