Huel, flaxseed = gas

Hi started on huel and absolutely loved it for a week to 10 Days (2 meals a day) and no problems, however I have really started to get bad gas and abdominal bloating. It was Christmas so I put this down to a couple of nights out I had where I over did it alcohol wise but stopping drinking had no effect. Only stopped after I stopped huel.

I think it was too much flaxseed … seemed to build up in my gut… looking to start again more slowly as I liked everything about huel, taste, convienence and it even made my skin better, but looking to minimise the flaxseed effect…

Gonna start with one 2 scoops meal a day… looking for any tips. May take probiotics to help offset the prebiotic flaxseed…

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Many people including myself experienced heartburn and gas when starting on Huel. Think the consensus is it is due to the fibre content. Most people’s standard diet is low in fibre. It took about 6 months for my body to adjust fully. Now I don’t get any of these symptoms.

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I think downing loads of water helps with all the fibre. I am not a good water drinker and do need to drink more.

Yes trying to drink more water… will limit myself to one huel meal a day… hopefully this is just a temporary issue and my body will get more used to it… as I said I was ok for 10 days or so which seems odd, then just in bits… bloated and a little painful from trapped wind… I ate traditional bread sandwiches for lunch all my life which is fibre so I think it must be the soluble fibre which I never had before in such high quantities.

A bit gutted as I was very happy with huel. Easy , good value and quite like the taste. Plenty of energy , not hungry and losing a bit of weight.

I just think my gut bacteria couldn’t handle it or something. I am hopeful that if I moderate and build up slowly I can stay on it.

I have been slowly increasing the amount of Huel I consume daily. Presently, I use 80 grams of Huel to 700 millilitres of water, twice a day, I also drink an additional litre of water a day. Everyone needs to find their own balance of Huel’s fibre content and water consumption.

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