Constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, gas etc

So, i brought Huel about a week ago. I went up slowly and my max i have is 3 scoops.
I was constipated the first few days, with extreme pain… It followed with bloating and loads of gas (smelly).

I have been drinking plenty and i know it’s the huel because i already have a restricted diet and have been fine for a long time. I subtract the huel i feel fine, but back on it everything comes back. When i have had huel the previous day, i wake up feeling so bloated and in pain just like when i had gluten years ago- i’m not saying it’s cross contaminated but it’s the same feeling i got, so unless i am intolerant to anything, i am unsure why it would cause this.

I brought the gluten-free version because i am intolerant to gluten. I brought 1 vanilla and 1 unsweetened. I haven’t used the unsweetened. I do regret buying huel, and wish they could bring out samples. This isn’t fair? I really need to gain weight and thought this would be a great answer, but with daily pain, i don’t know what to do.

What are your suggestions?

I was very gassy for the first few days, then bunged up for s couple. Normal now and feeling great - so might just be a temporary stage as you adjust?

Can’t really offer any more advice…I’m also only about a week in.

I am just over one week in, have Huel breakfast and lunch then “normal” dinner, and I’ve been rather constipated for about the last 4 days :frowning:

I’ve heard that an ingredient in gluten free oats contain a substance that can cause the symptoms of gluten intolerance in some people. Have you previously used gluten free oats without issue? Many people report an adjustment phase and find digestive issues disappear after a week or two.
It could also be the sweetener?
The huel customer service team are good- you might have some success in getting a partial refund, especially if your unused bag is unopened. If there turns out to be a gluten contamination issue, huel will definitely want to know. Probably a good idea to email with batch numbers in case they want to test the batch for gluten.

Wow, i am glad to hear you’re doing good. Unfortunately, it hasn’t settled. Even after a few days of not having it i’m in agony.

Has it got better? I tried to have some probiotics to help but i can’t deal with the pain and constipation. It’s money wasted :frowning:

Hmm, really? I have had gf oats before but never noticed it did this to me. Issues still haven’t gone :confused: I think i will have to just give up, it’s such a waste of money, ugh.

I tried the unsweetened, thinking it would help but didn’t. Unfortunately they are now both opened so i am unable to receive a refund… but its a lesson learned. I did inform them but they weren’t interested in looking into it though.