IBS from Huel?


I’ve just stopped taking huel as I experienced severe constipation issues.

Now I’m facing a somewhat different but related issue.

I’m not sure if I’m overthinking it but after literally every meal, I get this annoying feeling like my rectum isn’t clear. It’s not a pooping urge, but just a feeling of “incompletion”.

My meals have consisted of chicken + rice for lunch, salmon + pasta for dinner, bananas + Weetabix for breakfast. I drink at least 3-4 Litres of water every day, and ~700 ml of water for each meal. After every single one of such meals, I get the sensation described above after 1-2 hours.

I’ve never faced such issues before, so I’m quite sure it has to do with the aftermath of my ending huel consumption

Has anyone else experienced this?

Sounds like you could do with getting checked out by your GP.

For anyone experiencing similar symptoms, look into this: https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-to-do-for-incomplete-evacuation-1945278

Never again going to make the mistake of bulking on huel (consuming 1500 cals of huel per day)…

Plenty of people have 1500+ calories of Huel per day! Sounds like maybe you jumped into it without building up to that level? And quickly jumped back into a very different diet… this could mess with your gut for sure. When you’re having a lot of Huel in the day, remember to also drink plenty of water!

I hope you feel better soon

My diet has not changed much before/after huel. It’s almost like the main issue (severe constipation) has carried forward.

I am almost sure my gut is, at this point, badly damaged. I’m also experiencing excessive flatulence and bloating - I’m not even sure if any of the food I’m consuming is getting absorbed…,

I can’t even go to a GP because I don’t have an NHS number :frowning:

Sigh. All I wanted to do was make healthy bulking gains. Instead, I’m now constipated, probably developed internal piles, suffering from repeated incomplete evacuation, and likely facing consequences of malabsorption.

If I’m not dead in the next couple of weeks, I will update this post.

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Random question, but when you do poop what are the stools like?

What you are describing is what I experienced when I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (pre Huel days). After every meal, I felt like I needed the loo but hardly anything would happen. Your stool will shed some light on it.

Since I’ve been on Huel, I’ve never had a UC flare, just constipation where I’ve neglected my water intake on some days, mostly after exercising. I struggle drinking water.

The diet you listed has a lot of fibre, which can start a flare up if you have the underlying condition for UC. But, that was my experience and yours may not be, so a GP is the only way to get a more accurate answer.

It’s also not advised to go all out on Huel at the beginning. You need to start with one shake a day to get your body used to it. Then start increasing.

When you register with a GP for the first time, you’ll be given one.

Random question, but when you do poop what are the stools like?

Tiny hard rocks

Do you have any idea why you developed UC in the first place? It’s quite likely I’ve developed it and I can’t think of anything other than the introduction of huel.

Won’t be UC then and Huel wouldn’t cause this either, unless you’re not taking on enough fluids.

A trip to a GP is highly recommended to find out what’s going on.

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Irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease - it is a name that is used to say that someone does not have an organic problem but subjectively feels that something with his digestion is wrong.

In your case this is not so clear - incomplete emptying may be linked with rectocele, intussusception, electrolyte imbalances (especially as you seem to drink much water), various conditions. If you don’t want to check it and if it is really definitely chronologically associated with starting Huel you may try a mild laxative for the time being, or switch to another Huel product.