Irritation and painful bowel movements using Huel


I’m writing this as a warning for those who are just starting to use Huel.

Last week I was very excited to finally start Huel. I did exactly what was recommended; 5X water for 1X (3 scoops) of Huel. Shake well, drink, go on with my day.

Within just 24 hours I first experienced constipation, followed by intense pain in my rectum. It got so bad that I started to get scared when going to the bathroom. Didn’t realize what the root cause might have been at first (gay guy here, nutrition is not the first thing we may think of when we have pain down there). Went to the doctor, got tested for a whole bunch of things and nothing.

At this point I can only guess that Huel is the culprit, considering the pain started within 24 hours of my first try. I have stopped it ever since, but the damage is already done. Waiting for my doctor to prescribe something to get through this nightmare.

I know that we all have different tolerances etc. My nightmare can be somebody else’s savior. That being said, I wish Huel offered some guidance along with their product to ease into it and test for sensitivities. Even electronic toothbrushes have step by step guides to start with a lower setting etc.

I’m on probiotics now along with all kinds of relief gels. I would not wish this on my enemy. Be warned.

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Whenever your body tries to shift it’s diet massively you’re likely to appreciate a shift in your gut trying to break stuff down and maybe some constipation. Your gut will need to have a massive shift in the balance of the bacteria.

However I’ve experienced nothing like the pain you describe, sounds pretty horrible.