A rough start?

Hello! So, new Huel-er here.
I decided to start off light and build up slowly, and just have one scoop (with 200ml water) for breakfast. (I’m a tiny woman 4’11" tall and have a desk job, so I don’t need to consume as many calories as others do) I’ve since spent the entire afternoon pooping an unnecessary amount, having stomach pains, and farting like my arse is possessed by the ghost of every bad thing I’ve ever done. :frowning:

I’ve read that this could be an allergy to ingredients, but I’m normally someone who has virtually no digestive issues or stomach problems at all. Honestly I’ve only been constipated once in my life (a single time when I was pregnant), and I haven’t had diarrhoea since childhood. So to be having an allergy or sensitivity to something seems unlikely, as surely I’d have experienced it at some other point before now?

Has anyone else experienced such a marked reaction to such a small amount?
I really want to move onto Huel as a dietary lifestyle change, but I’m not sure if it’s worth these initial stomach pains, and honestly I can’t keep ducking out of the office every 10 minutes to crop-dust the stairwell. (I think the cleaner’s starting to suspect me…)

Oh no, that doesn’t sound good at all.

Could it possibly be that your original diet had very little protein or fibre in it? If that were the case, then perhaps you just aren’t used to such a high fibre, high protein diet. If that is indeed the situation, then presumably the problem would go away if you slowly increased your consumption over a long period of time.

If it’s an allergy, well that just sucks :confused:

For what it’s worth, I did a trial of 200 g of Huel one day and noticed nothing different. I then ordered two weeks supply and once it arrived, I ate nothing but that for two weeks solid. I had zero digestive problems on doing that at all.

A lot of people go through an adjustment period. Mine consisted of heartburn stomach cramps and burping. My heartburn was mild to medium and was a cause for concern at the time. Over the 6 months + I have been on Huel my body has adjusted and now I don’t have any issues.

Your reaction seems very severe. I would still try again and hope it is just a steep adjustment curve. People have said on the forums that the adjustment is dependent on how you diet was before.

That’s my guess. Stomach pains sound out of place but excessive wind and poop definitely happen due to a persons body dealing with abnormal protein/fibre intake.