Has anyone NOT had awful gas when starting?


I just drank my first meal at lunch, and I’m stuck here reading horror stories about how I’m 90% likely to poop myself sometime in the next 24 hours. Or to gas everyone I know.

Has anyone started with Huel and just been okay? No awful gas, no razor thin dashes to the bathroom?

I could do with some reassurance!!

EDIT - One week in I’m doing fine. I’ve replaced my lunch at work every week with Huel, but I still have a regular meal for breakfast (normally toast and eggs) and for dinner.

I had quite a good diet before - I never measured anything, but was vaguely aware of my intake and tried to keep a balance of red and white meat, carbs and vegetables. I cooked for myself every night. Maybe that helped. I’m not sure how I’d fare if I’d switched from a junk food heavy diet.

Anyway, no bad gas and no loo problems, and I normally have an incredibly sensitive stomach, so I’m happy.

Have faith, new users!


I just started on Monday and I’ve had no gas and no unexpected toilet trips.

I’ve generally replaced one meal a day so far.

I hope you get on ok



No problems here. Bit burpy and sometimes indigestion if I down my 3 scoops too quickly…


None of that at ll. I started on Monday and now it’s Thursday and no problems at all.


No more than usual, lol

Seriously though, I started two Huel meals per day mixed in with my green smoothies, 5 days ago. No problems. :slight_smile:


I never had any problem with it and I have the most sensitive stomach in the world.


No problems for me either, starting just by replacing breakfast. Now happily on 2 meals a day, most days.


I’ve never had a problem.


Never had a problem other than Vanilla seemed to really upset my tummy, I’m hoping to slow wean my way back into Vanilla by mixing it with UU.


After a couple of weeks it will settle down :dash::dash:


I’ve never had any problems, but my diet was already on point previously, so it’s not like I suddenly added loads of fibre. :slight_smile:


When I first tried Huel, I went cold turkey into a Huel only diet for two weeks. I experienced zero problems whatsoever. Some of Huels competitors did cause me problems though, presumably due to crap quality ingredients.


I’ve been on/off Huel for about a year and on my 2nd day of full huel (trying to lose some weight). I’ve had zero issues down there. I know everyone is different but it nevers affects me like that


I was pretty gassy for the first 2-3 days, after that no issues at all.

I think it was just the body adjusting.


Always gas with huel and i’ve been doing it a year…


I didn’t notice any difference in my personal emissions.


In my first two weeks my farts smelt the worst they ever have, but it settled after that and I’d say I’m back at my usual level of farting an pungentness!


This was my biggest concern about starting huel aside from hunger, but I dived into 100% huel a week ago right off the bat and my gut feels great. No gas or bloating at all. Coming from an unhealthy diet I expected the worst but I almost never have any sort of wind at all now, which is a marked difference really.


During my first few days with Huel, I had it for one meal as suggested along with my food which I kind of put too much oyster sauce in it. And it was the time that I particularly smell oyster sauce quite often because I gas very often!


I’ve found I’ve less gas - and for me (and my other half) this is a real advantage! I’m sure my gastro-intestinal health is better.