Has anyone NOT had awful gas when starting?

Been using Huel for 3 months & had constant gas, but as the BFG would say Whizz Poppers are better than it coming out of your mouth as burp.

But then I’m by myself all day in the cab of a lorry so don’t have to worry about anybody else.

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No issues for me either. I think the gas is caused by the high fibre content of huel in a lot of the cases. If your diet already has a decent amount of roughage then you’d probably be ok.

Started on Huel 10 days ago, been using almost exclusively and no issues.

Been on it a week now and no windy issues. Much like when my dog is on a high quality food; there’s less waste coming out the back end too!

My first couple of weeks on 100% Huel were terrible, as I didn’t build it up gradually enough. Give it time, your body just needs to adjust, it will get better.

None here. Maybe because I’m already vegan and my digestive system is already used to pea protein and the like.

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It’s been almost a year on Huel (2-3 meals per day) and yesterday was my first evening with persistent stinky farting. It was pretty bad.

Fart city USA here. I’ve never produced such a stench…

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Stench-factor 11 here. Utterly rancid, room-clearing levels of stench.

That said I love the product ha ha : )


I suffer from ulcerative colitis and therefore used to awful amounts of gas but found within 24hours of being on huel that everything was a lot more settled. I have been on huel unflavoured mainly breakfast and Dinner sometimes complete replacement for 3 months now I mix in my kefir bacteria with it and my tummy has never been better. I Can’t wait for my next doctors appointment to rave about this product to them.

Nope, no problems for me on 3 or 4 x 500ml per day.

I don’t fart more than usual but it smells like death and decay on Huel/other lents. :smile:

Never had a problem with that, though before using Huel I was consuming many of the same ingredients that are in it anyway, so could it possible be a side effect if you weren’t eating as well as you could have prior to using Huel?

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Yeah I am (was?) a real junk food vegan for sure

Lol nope. But I have had a vegan diet for a long time so my body is used to this kind of food.