First week on Huel - bad stomach cramps/gas/bloating - Any fix?

Hi all,

I started Huel on Sunday and I really like the idea of having about 75% of my calorific requirements from Huel alone. I am however suffering from terrible cramps, gas and bloating whilst taking it and I am fearful that this may be some form of allergy which will prevent me from becoming a long term Huel-er…

So I was hoping someone here could share whether they too suffer the same issues… and if so what they did to fix it?

Many thanks

Is there anything in Huel that you don’t normally eat?

Also, it could be your body getting used to the fibre.

I took two weeks to go up to 100% huel, and I had cramps and gas during the first days. Pretty ok since then though

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Hi @super,

Sorry to hear you are suffering from cramps, gas, etc. We do get this reported occasionally but it’s sporadic which makes it difficult to give a definitive answer / solution.

It’s similar to protein farts which again are reported sporadically and no one has a definitive answer for.

One thing seems to be consistent and that is the symptoms are usually in the early stages of using Huel or switching to a high protein diet, etc.

Which leads me to two conclusions:

  1. This is caused by the body adjusting to a new diet, specifically your microbiome in your gut is changing as it’s being feed with a difference range of nutrients.

and / or

  1. You are allergic to the new food you are eating. In the case of Huel it only contain (may contain) one of the official 14 food allergens, gluten.

It the issue caused by 1 it will pass, it caused by 2 is might not pass over time.

My suggestion would be cut back on Huel, and build up a bit more slowly. E.g. 1 meal per day for say 7 days, 2 meals for 7 days, then 3 meals, or something along those lines. Which is basically what @sanovine said.

I took two weeks to go up to 100% huel, and I had cramps and gas during the first days. Pretty ok since then though

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I’ve had these symptoms since starting Huel.

I went 100% and things really started getting smelly.

I stopped for a few things and all was relatively well.

I’m not trying to get back on the Huel but I don’t seem to be digesting it very well.

Try a high strength, multi-strain probiotic.

Thanks, am trying that now. How long do they tend to take to kick in?

I’ve been taking 2-3 caps a day for about 2-3 weeks now.

Its been up and down and a bit of a rollercoaster!

Sometimes I have bad wind too, but it’s usually when I’ve had solid food rather than when I’ve had Huel. For me, Huel is so easy on the digestive system.

Maybe you need some digestive enzymes too?

Or maybe you are intolerant to something in Huel?

I went to see the Doc and I’m going to give a stool sample and have some blood tests.

He said it could be IBS or some sort of inflamitiary bowel disorder!

It’s so annoying as after 4-5 weeks taking Huel as I was losing weight after not losing any for ages and generally feeling better in myself - no afternoon energy slumps, less binge eating, etc

But then on the other hand, on Huel my guts are in a right state!

I’m not sure whether to wait until the test results come back or throw some enyzmes into the mix?

The doctor said that micro/probiotics aren’t proven to have any effect.

I’ve got one bag of Huel left so might just have one or two a day until it runs out.

@JCW IBS is tricky. I feel for you, if that is the problem.

Yes makes sense to cut back on Huel (1 meal a day) and try and identify what the cause is.

Thanks. I dropped down to a one or two Huels a day and things have gotten a bit better.

I think it might be the high protein, or maybe the fibre - who knows!

Interestingly I now see a pattern is my use. 100% Huel, no problem. One normal meal and it’s normally a quick dash affair. I think it’s a volume thing. On Huel there just isn’t any bulk (once the liquid is removed), normal food seems to add a little impetus to nature :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with Huel. I have the same issue if I eat oats. I think it is the oat content in the Huel. It is for me anyway. Not sure how to get around that.

@Marie Have you tried the gluten free version?

If you have IBS it might be the xylitol. Have a look into the low FODMAP diet (advise medical advice if you want to try it though )

Yes, I’ve thought it might be a xylitol intollerance.

I still have a bag of GF Huel that I’ve been dipping into sporadically.

One shake tends to cause a bit of upset - bloating, mild constipation, gas, etc.

I eat oats a few times a day so I don’t think they are the problem.

My guess is the high protein levels.

Although I might get some xylitol and try it on its own and see if that is the problem.

Symptoms. These include bloating, abdominal cramps and pain, diarrhea, increased intestinal sounds and gas production, and nausea. These symptoms resemble those of functional bowel disease. Up to 70% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome are sorbitol intolerant.


Still waiting for my first batch to arrive, so threads like this make me nervous :frowning:

I’m used to a high protein diet (weight lifting) and I’m used to around 4 oat shakes a day, so hopefully I won’t have any issues jumping in at 100% but we’ll see.

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I found that having a 2mg loperamide pill once or twice a day has totally restored my digestive system, all back to normal now

IBS is a bummer, gotta stay calm, find some peace of mind, get some good exercise and remember to drink enough water whenever thirsty… oh and this

How did you find it, going 100%?