Constipation So Bad I Can't Sit - Gut Issues


I made the unfortunate mistake of using huel as a weight gainer following the advice on this thread: Huel vs Weight gainer

I started off slowly but swiftly ramped up to 1800 - 2000 kcals per day. Big mistake.

What followed after an innocuous week was an endless bout of constipation, proceeded by anal itching that constantly woke me up at 3 am in the right, followed by a sense of “incompletion” the next day.

I have stopped taking huel as I’m quite sure my gut, my “behind nerves”, are basically destroyed. I cannot eat anything without having to poop tiny rocks 2 hours later. And while I don’t know for sure, I think I’ve developed piles - I’m showing the symptoms for it at the very least

How do I work towards fixing this issue? I’m trying to take about 4-5 Litres of water per day and lots of fibre.

Appreciate any help from a nutrition standpoint

Do you mean lots of extra fibre in addition to Huel?

No, I’ve stopped huel. I mean separately.

Are you suddenly consuming more fibre now than you did on your regular diet before you started Huel?

Many people including myself experience gas, bloating, heartburn, etc when they first start consuming Huel. The theory (I believe) is due to the fibre content. The fibre content in Huel is not necessarily high, but most peoples regular diets are too low in fibre. Overtime the body has gotten used to the low level of fibre so when you start consuming food with high (to the body) levels of fibre it can cause issues in the gut.

It personally took me well over 6 months for my body to adjust consuming Huel without issues.

My theory here is you might be now consuming far more fibre than your body is used to in an attempt to deal with the original high fibre problem caused by the sudden introduction of 2000kcal’s of Huel a day.


Definitely agreeing with @Coup here. Took me a good few months before my gut flora got used to two Huel meals a day. Ease off on the fibre and give yourself time to settle down before slowly reintroducing Huel.
PS if your constipation persists, a word with your local pharmacist wouldn’t go amiss.

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To help with the issue at hand, I would take something like Fibogel (or psyllium husk powder which is the same thing and cheaper to buy in bulk!).

Maybe try a probiotic too. I did the 12 week Symprove programme and it wasn’t cheap but it really helped my digestive system!

That’s surprising, I’ve heard the opposite symptom for people starting huel.

Which version are you using? I can’t tolerate huel in the white packets, sucralose doesn’t sit well with me.

Huel Black for me is the best thing since sliced bread!

I never had any digestive issues consuming huel. Started on 2 meals a day, have used if tor months as 100% food. Bars, RTD and hot and savoury. Never any issues.

I have never had any digestion issues resulting from Huel. I have used Huel for weight gain with my usual diet. Currently I’m using Huel to supplement my diet. I have had digestive issues that have co-incided with the use of Huel but was to do with other issues.

Have you accounted for any medication you are taking, stress, changes in sleep and dialy routine, changes in exercise. Have you tried using senna, dulcolax, laxido, lactulose etc?

I actually had diarrhea on the first few days.
Seems like it varies per person and how their dietary habits looked liked before Huel.

Should the thread title say: constipation so bad I can’t shit?


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  1. get a colonoscopy or rectoscopy to rule out rectal prolapse, rectocele or hemorrhoids
  2. consider the use of a mild laxative like macrogol

For which you need a GP referral