4 week constipation & bloating

I have used Huel before for a few months about a year ago with no issues and then took a break. Came back to it about a month ago, for 2 meals a day. After one week I was feeling so constipated and uncomfortable that I decided to pull back and stop for a while. The proceeding week I remained very constipated even though I up’t my water intake and as a vegetarian have a fairly healthy fibre intake anyway. I finally had a bowel movement and thought I would be back to normal within a few days. Unfortunately I spent the next week feeling very bloated with some sharp trapped gas pains in my lower abdomen, though my bowel movements where very slowly beginning to come back. I am now starting week 4, having not touched huel, but still not quite back to normal. Still getting trapped gas and uncomfortable but my movements seem to be back to normal for the most part. 2 days ago I thought I was out of it but then again last night and this morning, more uncomfortable bloating and trapped wind, though no longer having any stabby trapped pains. I’m thinking that starting on 2 meals a day was too much for my system, blocked it up and through my microbiome out of whack and so it’s taking some time to regulate again. It could also all be coincidence and that the same time I started back on Huel I also picked up a bug or something else is going on, but I’m definitely a whole lot better than I was the first week I came off Huel. Not sure if the formula has changed since I was using it, as I had no problems a year or more ago. Keen to come back to it again once I’m feeling normal, but will start on much smaller portions and work my way up.

I use Gas X after each meal. Makes everyone happy.

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UPDATE: symptoms have been improving but very slowly and it was beginning to impact my day-to-day, So went to the GP today and he agreed it sounds like I’m very bunged up and have prescribed me some strong laxatives to get things properly moving again. Not sure if Huel have a warning on their packets or when you first receive a kit, but seems like something that should be highlighted.

Hey, sorry to hear you ran into trouble.

We recommend to have 1 Huel meal a day for a week and then work your way up, as mentioned in the starter booklet.

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