When will it stop

Well, first time ever sharing this much info on a forum. I am reporting live from the porcelain throne!

I’ve been a user of sports supplements all my life in some form or another and have used Huel previously for a short period of time, but decided to really give it a solid (scoff) go recently in an attempt to curb some eating habits and lose some weight that had crept on.

This is end of week two, taking two scoops at breakfast, three at lunch and two late afternoon before a regular meal post gym. My goodness, I’ve had the runs for the last 6 days straight! Is this normal? Any advice before my wife suspects me of dodgy antics in the loo!?

You’ll be relieved to hear you are almost 25% through the shitmageddon phase.

(Actually I think it was exactly one week for me. Drink plenty of water and try not to prolapse.)


:joy: thank you sir! I shall persist (and try not to prolapse)

Tbh, theres a reason huel reccomeds that you should replace one meal at a time.

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Which bloke reads the instructions :joy:

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Apparently as well as a new t-shirt Huel is releasing a branded tap for new users with this problem. Here is a sneak preview tap%20copy


Amazing :joy::joy:

I’ll keep you all updated of how much weight I’ve lost through this :joy:

I luckily didn’t notice any difference :speak_no_evil:

Hang in there! :poop:

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I didn’t either.

Hello Mr… I’m just going to call you Mr. Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues. It can depend on your previous diet as Huel is high in fibre. What I would recommend is reducing your Huel intake and gradually increasing when you feel comfortable, rather than persevering.


That’s quite a long-name though; if it followed the double-barrelling format it would be Mr. Sorry-To-Hear-You’ve-Been-Having-Issues. Still quite a pain though. I’d just go for a friendly nickname like Poopster.


Mr PoopiePants, AKA Poopster

Thanks, Dan. I had a weekend of only 1 x huel a day as I intend to moving forwards. I’m sure it will calm down.


Let me know if you still have issues as there are other solutions.

I feel like there are a few pains on this thread.


Been on Huel for 14 months, never had the runs, no matter the amount I intake. Are you chugging egg whites?

Happily, I have never suffered with diarrhoea from Huel, only farts that could clear an entire supermarket in two minutes flat. I jest of course (no I don’t, it was awful :nauseated_face:). All back to normal now though, sort of :roll_eyes::laughing:

Sounds awful though. Hope your inner workings are settling down now @MrPoopiePants


I wondered what caused this mushroom cloud @Bee


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Interesting… such as? Asking for a friend :eyes:

It’s getting better but certainly taking time. one intake of huel over the weekend has helped, now back on three (morning, lunch and mid afternoon) with a solid meal in the evening.

@Dan_Huel what are the suggestions? (apart from Immodium)

Enzymes have been suggested to help some people but these reports are mixed.

Alternatively stop altogether for a week to give your body a break and reintroduce Huel again. Or you can increase your fibre intake from other foods before introducing Huel to help your body adjust.

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