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Im new :slight_smile:. This question probably gets asked a million times, so ive been using huel black for a month now having a single 2 scoop shake for breakfast only Mon - Friday. I am now aiming and have been doing since Monday breakfast and lunch shakes. Im not the best crapper on the planet at the best of times but have noticed today the i had a sudden rush to go for a diarrhoea crap that was horrendous as you can imagine. So the fact ive been using the black huel for a month one shake a day, how long do i have to persist if this is things to come or is there something i can do to prevent it?

My diet is fairly average eat plenty of fruit and veg etc

Any tips? Thanks

Hey there,

Huel can cause a little bloating to begin with as your body gets adjusted to it. In your case however, Iโ€™d recommend stripping your intake back to 1 serving x 1 day a week. This way you can gradually introduce it back to 1 serving x 5 day a week if you wish.

Itโ€™s best to be aware of balancing the rest of your diet with your Huel intake so you get the right amount fo fibre that works for you. :v:t2::green_apple:

Hereโ€™s an article that might be worth reading! How to Use Huel

Hope that helps!

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I would have thought having one every day for a month and having no real issues, wouldnt say I have bloating but just today had to rush to the toilet, i eat it at the same time for breakfast and always the same time for lunch and its always 90g I do. Id have thought id be used to it by now as ive already gone through 2 bags, it may just be that its completely different to my diet before which consisted of not completely unhealthy meals but say eggs and toast for breakfast and sandwich for lunch or whatever. I eat plenty of fruit and veg aswell so im willing to stick it out a bit longer. Unsure if any probiotics would help as currently dont have these

I find reading the guides and articles, like the one I linked above great for answering your questions and of course reaching out on the forum.

Though as in most things in life - trial and error my friend, trial and error!:white_check_mark:

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Totally agree with trial and error. I also think everyone is different. I personally have not had any issues with it although I have with other protein brands.

I used to just accept it but was never a nice experience.

Ive not had another proper bout of the skits since yesterday, im not eating anything bad so going to just wait it out and see whats what, im not getting any belly pains or anything like this or weakness so im sure it will get better

Psyllium husk fiber best thing ever for regulation of the system down there. If you have been using it for a month though and only today had bowel issues there is a possibility it was not Huel causing this