How to cope with bloating

Hi all,

I know there there are an absolute abundance of posts about bloating. These are mostly from people that have just started introducing Huel into their diet. I on the other hand have been using Huel for several years now and I still have the same issue.

I’ve tried using digestive enzymes, cutting out creatine, reducing the amount of Huel I have to one or two shakes a day and even taking Buscopan. None of these things have made any real difference.

Is there anything else I can try? I would really struggle to get enough protein without Huel and like the taste so I really don’t want to give it up, but it’s having a massive impact on my life.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

just out of curiosity - have you tried the Complete Protein product or are you talking about the main powder products?

I’ve never tried it. I e still got a very large mountain of Huel to get through. I’d be curious to know whether it’s better though

I no longer bloat since taking 1hr-1.5hr over each shake

Hey @solar1, sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble.

Gut issues are notoriously difficult to pin down and it may be that Huel isn’t for you. @emmatheveg’s suggestion of taking longer to consume your Huel is a good one.

I have been using Huel for 8 months. I needed to take a digestive tablet after each meal. I have 2 shakes per day, or 1 shake and a HS meal. Also snack bars and protien shakes.

I am doing an experiment using JimmyJoy for 8 months. It uses Soy as its primary protein source. Since it is very digestable and a cooked been, no Lectin. It is also a fine powder.

After 5 days I already noticed a difference and no tablets. More energy ect. We shall see how things go over the long term. I will update the forum.

This in no way is a negative of Huel. Moreso how my body is responding to the product(s).

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble, but I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you William.

My guess would Huel doesn’t contain anymore lectins than other products. The lectins, like with other products, are reduced through processing.