Starting full throttle?

Hi there,

I am just about to order my first package of Huel.
I am 170cm tall and about 100kg heavy… I know it’s too much… I don’t do sports and eat unhealthy… That’s what I want to change.

Eating for me is just getting energy in my body… I don’t like eating and I don’t like to think everyday about what to eat today. I’m kinda sure that this is the reason to eat unhealthy fast and junky food.

I’ve never been into something like Huel or competitive products. Now my actual question:
What could be the worst thing happening if I am starting full throttle and replace every meal beside my breakfast by Huel?
Does anyone have experience regarding this?

Thanks in advance.
(sorry if my English isn’t the best, I’m not a native :slight_smile:
Greetings from Germany!)

I’m just into my second week of Huel and only just posted my experiences this morning on the Huel forum headed “New beginnings”

You could end up constipated.

Hi i’m intrigued by the suggestion that you could end up constipated using Huel.

If Huel has the RDA for fibre, what is it that would make you constipated?

My hope is/was that Huel will help constipation, not potentially increase or cause it.

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If you don’t start off slowly, in my experience, it’s a shock for the digestive system which seems to simply store Huel rather than evacuate the waste. Eventually you’ll have a ‘blow out’ which is not the nicest of experiences I assure you!

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understood thanks. good to know its likely to only be a transitory effect.

If you’re not used to a high fibre diet and go in with a large intake straight away then it will have the reverse effects and cause many trips to the toilet!

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I went 100% for a month straight away coming from a not awesome diet.

Lot of farts in week one but that was it pretty much. I started feeling brilliant very quickly.

I’d be tempted to replace breakfast but keep your evening meal for the first week or so, but Huel is “just” good nutrition, shouldn’t kill you to go all in :wink:

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Thank you all for your answers and experiences. I really appreciate that :).

I’m going to receive my package next Thursday and I’m really looking forward to that.

I think I’m OK with some farts and with going to the toilet a few more times. I’m really curious what will happen with my body.

I think I’m going to have a good breakfast and replace lunch and/or evening meal with Huel. I’m going to share my experiences as well.

Thank you all again


I was the complete opposite, body stored it up until it eventually resulted in a panicked dash to the toilet and what can only be described as a sludge evacuation :frowning:

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