Huel Black vs White re stomach issues?

Are there any differences between Black and White that might have a difference on digestion issues, especially related to awful wind?

I get bad gas on Huel white v2 and v3.

Could Black be better?


the increase in protein will not I think make that particular situation any less windy - maybe more so. increasing your water intake will help with that.

Yes. I always recommend drinking loads of fizzy water. This and Huel will allow you to blow bubbles without having to sit in the bath.

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Good point re the protein.

Maybe less oats will help?

The most likely reason for wind is fibre. Drinking more water per day can help. Ust be mindful tour water intake is not excessive. Otherwise you can try Rennie deflatine or milk of magnesia.

On the topic of stomach issues, I had two stomach bugs in the last three months (I have a toddler…) and I noticed both times that Huel is very bad for me then. Both times I ate Huel for breakfast when I was still feeling ok, and in the afternoon/evening when everything went awry (ahum), I noticed both times that the Huel didn’t even pass my stomach after all that time. I think that’s odd, I would have thought that liquid feed would be more easily digestible. Is it the fibre of maybe the proteins you think?

Your stomach may also be sensitive to fat. Huel is high fiber, high protein and moderate fat, too. It may be liquid but it’s dense and nutritious, not a light, easily digestible meal for an upset stomach.

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I am happy to report less wind so far with Huel Black.


After the permenant windy forecast whilst having Huel White, I am enjoying a much needed break from the kite surfing with Black.


There’s no kelp in Black. As much as I don’t think kelp should be there at all it does appear that the combo of that, kombucha and probiotics will help avoid stomach issues and make onboarding quickly much, erm, smoother.

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Does that mean less farts with Black?

There is no kelp in Black Edition.
There is however kelp in v3 ‘white’ (as everyone is referring to it now)

Whoops. I appear to have missed out the word ‘no’. Gonna blame my phone for that!

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