Probiotics to help with gut and wind issues?

I seem to have messed my gut up and am constipated with foul smelling wind!

I’m having about 4 Huels a day plus food.

Anyone had any luck with any probiotics or other supplements?


I’m not a Doctor/Dietician and don’t know your situation etc. But based purely on personal experience:

Not sure how long you’ve been drinking Huel but 4 a day is a lot so hopefully you built up to it gradually - otherwise you will likely suffer some effects! You’d have similar if you made any massive change to your diet.

Given that you’ve, likely, massively increased your fibre intake since your pre-Huel days you may well find that the constipation is a result of not drinking anywhere near enough water. It might surprise you how much you can actually need - I’ve been needing about 5 litres a day recently (although I am a big guy and, run a fair bit and have a physical job etc.)

The gas issues can be related to the constipation so solving this will very likely help.

I’ve gone through this! It’s very annoying. Previous poster is so right. Make sure you very slowly ramp up huel intake.

When I made and sometimes make following a huel absence. I resort to laxative to kick start my system, do a couple of days of no huel, and then restart slowly.

Thanks. I’ve had Huel on and off over the years but have been having it since the start of lockdown this time around.

It was going OK and then I had a weekend away and a weekend off Huel and got into bad habits so it might be that that’s causing issues.

Hopefully it will settle down and I will up the water intake too.

Yes, I think I will have a break then slowly increase and try to get back up to 4 or 5 Huels a day without too much blockage and seepage.

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