Going all in

To put it bluntly, I’m fookin massive and need to drop weight and drop it fast I’m 5’10 just shy of 30st (420 pounds). I turn 45 this week. I wouldn’t mind seeing my next birthday. Tomorrow even if it not advisable I’m going 100% on Huel. I may add a normal meal depending on how I go, just like the One2one shakes. Has anyone else ever done a sole source Huel?

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I’ve done it, lost a lot weight too.

If you immediately switch to 100% Huel from whatever you’re eating now, the next few weeks are going to be a rollercoaster as your digestive system desperately tries to cope with the massive change in your diet. Imagine someone is juggling with four balls and then you throw a tiger at them. They are not going to cope right away and will probably shit themselves.

Have one meal of Huel per day. In a couple of weeks, have two meals. In another couple of weeks, go 100% if you want. Make sure you are actually eating fewer calories than you burn, or you won’t lose weight no matter what you eat.


Thanks for the heads up, that’s a great analogy😂. What ever diet I go on farts will always risky at first, I think it’s the body’s only way to start using the fat stores it has so I will be doing the penguin March for a few week’s. I’m gonna see how I handle it mentally at first if I can go 100% I will, if I can’t I’ll try to adjust accordingly.

That’s probably the funniest thing I have read on here. :rofl:


Huel is not intended to be for weight loss, and I would not recommend it for this purpose. Several friends have tried it, first they lost weight and then they gained more than they initially had in the long term.

It is great for convenience, or if you have problems getting enough nutrients, or if you want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Thanks, I do get that, but to be fair that is every diet that has ever existed, you name it I’ve done it. And put more weight back on than I had originally lost.
I think I have a severe issue with food (I’ve struggled since I was 11 atleast), I don’t eat for hunger, I don’t eat when I’m bored, I don’t eat emotionally. I think I eat foods that knowingly harm me. My health is probably the worst it’s ever been. I’m not bothered about being a fat fuck I never have but my daily life is now painful and tiring but yet I’ll still sit here and smash all the shite in the house. So right now I need a fix to get atleast 140 pounds off.

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Just because Huel want to market their product in a certain way doesn’t mean it cant have other uses.

Many people gain the weight back regardless of what foods they eat to try and achieve weight loss.

I wish you success. My highest weight was 20st at 14yo and I’m now just over 11st. Huel would have made my life so much easier in the 2000’s as a fat teen trying to lose weight. its a very structured and simple food to eat. its pretty much all i eat now.

From my experience with weight loss here is what helped me. if you think they’ll help give them a go.

Don’t keep junk in the house. if its not there then you cant go and grab it. just don’t bring it in the house! if possible only have Huel in the house. if its the only thing there then that’s all you’ve got to eat!

Don’t under eat. I would under eat and get hungry and miserable then overeat and gain the weight back. 2500 calories per day will get you down to a healthy weight. people want results too quick and it causes them to fail.

Don’t weigh yourself. Get rid of scales if you have them. if you’re eating 2500 calories or less then you’re losing weight! i would obsess about the scales stepping on 10s of times a day and then giving up the diet because I didn’t lose weight in the hour since i last stepped on them. I weigh myself a few times a year now.

Try and make your weight loss and diet as unimportant to you as possible. thinking about weight loss all the time is exhausting. Try to dismiss any thoughts about food and weight loss and carry on with your life. With huel you dont need to think about food any more. every thing is sorted. make scheduled times for drinking it and then move on with your day. put as little thought into food, diet and weight loss as possible. Days and weeks will pass quicker if you’re not thinking about it all the time.

if you get sick of drinking the huel shakes you can eat them with a spoon instead :smiley:

You can portion out the Huel into beakers to make it more convenient. I portion out a whole days worth every night time for the next day. These are what i use.

or similar from ebay here 350ml Plastic Beaker | eBay

It helps to tip the whole bag into a large food storage container first. i use a spoon and scales to put it into the beaker instead of the scoop.


Just wanted to wish you success to achieving your goals

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Thanks for the advice, and well done on taking control of your weight and not letting it dictate your life.
I think I’m gonna do about 4 maybe 5 shakes a day at most that would be 2000kal+ my coffees through the day put me at around 2300kal for the day, so well below my BMR.
Unfortunately I have two boys in the house who I let snack on some rubbish every now and then so the temptation will always be there, maybe that’s a good thing to have to take control of the voices and try to form new habits.
This time for me this isn’t a weight loss thing it’s a fuck I’m gonna die soon thing. My health is shockin’ my back, hips, knees and ankles are just permanently in pain or discomfort, i’m knackered after a short walk. I need to fix it.
Thanks again for your advice.

Thank you.

I know it may seem a little drastic – but with your BMI, you would also qualify for weight loss surgery on the NHS – is this something you had considered as well?

I just want to wish you luck.

Huel is food but it’s so very simple. Easy to count calories and easy to prepare. That’s why I love it. I don’t have to think about what I’m eating. I don’t have to worry about nutrition or what I’m going to have for any particular meal. I don’t get bored even though I’m having the same things every day because it tastes good. I’m not bothered by the lack of variety, the convenience cancels this out for me. I’m 100% Huel and it suits me very well. I don’t get hungry, and I was always hungry before. My digestive system feels clean, if that makes any sense.

One of your main issues will be psychological. Your brain will tell you that you’ve only had a drink so you have to get over that and realise that, even though it’s liquid, it is actually a meal.
Good luck with it and keep us posted. Most of us are very supportive and will help you as much as we can.


I would, but to be honest I would still put the weight back on. I’m not one for making excuses but I don’t think the surgery fixes my mental issue with food (I wish I knew what my issue was so I can address it) so I know I would lose the weight initially but then just build it back up again. I’ve seen 2 or 3 people I know have the surgery and are now big again.

Thanks Julia,
Like you say it’s a mental issue I have done the One2one diet and did well, but have been shocking since coming off of it, I think maybe it was too drastic only 1000kals a day, it’s taken 3 years to try something again.
With this you seem to get a decent amount of calories, let’s see how it goes.

Dave, welcome to the discourse my friend!

So it’s not specifically intended to be used as a weight loss product however Huel can most definitely help with a weight loss diet. Its worth mentioning that with something like this, it’s more a marathon than a sprint. There will be highs and lows but the most important thing is you’re doing this for you!

Everyone has come in with solid advice so far but to get started I would recommend that you ease your body into Huel. As this is a sudden change to your diet you could potentially feel a bit ropey so best to ease in over a couple of weeks gently increasing the amount you consume slowly. Best advice I can give you also is keep hydrated too!

To give you an idea of a plan most Hueligans using Huel as part of a weight loss diet tend to use Huel for breakfast and lunch and consume a lower calorie meal in the evening or vice versa depending on how Huel fits into their day to day. We’ve got a super handy article which can help maybe answer some questions - How to Lose Weight Well | Huel Guide

You got this, if there is anything we can help with or you just need a little reassurance just come straight back and we’ll be happy to help!


Thank Mark,
I understand your advice……:joy: (but). However every time I diet my body goes through WTF do you think you are doing faze, some would say withdrawal.
So I will just power through for now if it is too rough I may add a regular meal and reduce the Huel.
I like this group it’s helping me a lot, I’ll keep my progress going on here. Not everyday but I will keep it up.

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Go for it Dave, I lost three stone a few years ago using Huel and have kept it off by eating “normal” foods 50% of the time and Huel 50%. I know this is a lot less than you’re trying to achieve, but it does prove it works as an easy route to successfully achieving a calorie deficit.

Thanks Darren. Well in on your loss, it’s all percentages isn’t 3 stone to you is probably the equivalent of me losing my 10. How long did you lose take? That’s what I’m hoping to be the same when I get to a reasonable weight. That’s when I’m gonna need to control myself.

Nothing to add except congrats on deciding to make the change, hope it goes well!