Going all in

Thank you Tristan

Dave, I think I did it slowly, over a year if I remember correctly. My joints are definitely better.
Good luck.

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Excellent. I’ll pop round for a smoke later.


Don’t listen to anybody telling you it’s not good for weight loss, really, it depends on your goals. Huel is a very balanced (and we’re talking, ideal balance) of nutrition and energy - and like any other healthy or neutral foods, it’s down to the quantities you consume as to how it will affect you.

And anyway, those ‘weight watchers’ branded [ready] meals at the supermarket, they’re no better than the other ready meals full of salt, fat and preservatives so blindly eating loads of them thinking they’re ‘designed for weight loss’ would be much worse. Their only advantage is they have the stats printed on the box for whatever diet-pyramid-scheme they belong to!

I can vouch that the digestive system adaption is real, BUT, it goes away, and now the ‘gas’ issues I had have gone away, in fact, there’s little to none compared to ever before now that my body is used to Huel. I find when I do eat the odd crap nutrition or greasy food, that I notice the impact it has on my system more. It’s a good motivator to keep me on track.

I’m 90% all-in on Huel, but for me it’s to maintain / gain a little weight. 3x Huel’s a day, supplemented by anything else I fancy which is a bonus. But unlike before, I’m always guaranteed to be having plenty of the vitamins and core nutrition all at the right level. Before I’d eat a lot of curries (jar sauces) and the high salt was an issue.

I recommend trying all the products and seeing what sticks. I’ve found powder shakes for breakfast / lunch (most days of the week) and then the odd time, a guilt free bacon roll or cereal etc OR guilt free wrap of the day from McD’s is fine.

If you’re a fan of Pot Noodles (for convenience and the flavours) definitely try the Hot & Savoury. They are so SO different from one another. I’d say the Mac and cheeze and the spaghetti carbonara are the most unique from the others. Just go with what you’d favour in normal food and see how you get on.

With ALL Huel, give it time, experiment with a little more… a little less water and pay attention to your scoops to not under or over do it. Even the odd time I mess mine up making it too watery, or too lean which can make a big difference to texture, taste etc.

The golden rule of Huel in my opinion: HYDRATION
If I wake up, and don’t sip water consistently, around 30 mins after, it hits my digestive system and it can be UTTERLY SHOW STOPPING / uncomfortable. This might be a personal problem with me that others don’t get. But I’ve experimented and traced it back to lack of hydration and because Huel powder is, well, powder, it has the opposite effect of hydration it sort of sucks up hydration leading to ‘dryer’ feelings down there. So please, if you go all in, stay on top of your water intake all day, everyday.

I have one of those HiDrate spark water bottles, it’s Bluetooth and flashes / reminds you to drink water. First world problem, I know, but it’s been a game changer. Mine was £70 from the Apple Store. There’s a £50 model. it’s the first water bottle I’ve had that I’ve used daily, that hasn’t leaked or broken or went smelly after a month or two.

In the morning I’ll have one whole bottle from waking up, to around 9-10am in work, I call that the ‘priming’ phase where I’m preparing my body gradually with plenty of water without gulping it down at a silly rate, then gulping Huel down at a silly rate.

Final tip, RINSE your bottle(s) out as soon as you can after drinking a shake. Rather than letting it sit in your bag all day at work, or sit in the kitchen, as Huel is made from all natural matter and when that stuff breaks down, you’ll be floored at how bad it smells. Probably 24+ hours of it sitting before you’ll notice that, but thought I’d say it, as you’re better off not experiencing it! It put me off Huel for a bit, even though it was entirely my own laziness that caused it.

I hope that’s helpful. If you’re looking for nutrition advice, having issues with Huel - or even life and motivation in general - please come back on. Huel have been amazing in advising me over email etc. People on here never fail to surprise me with their ideas on how to get more out of Huel or how they use it.

Don’t give up. It’ll be difficult, but you’re not alone. Many people have been where you are, and have gotten through it, and never looked back. Even if you screw up, that’s not a failure, just another stepping stone. I think you need to know that it’s possible, and believe that you can do it. just don’t hold yourself to a godly level of focus or progress that’s unrealistic as if/when you slip up, you risk total failure when really it’s just another step forward.


Going all-in for a time has one big benefit - breaking habits. It’s a starting point from which you can add in new healthier habits that will support you better going forwards. After a short while of only existing on Huel you’ll really appreciate eating a healthy meal with a wide variety of ingredients and then it gets re-wired as a treat. Be kind to yourself, you didn’t get to where you are now in a few weeks and what you are doing is setting down future long term behaviour. Eat like the person you want to be and you will become that. Wishing you the best of luck.


+1 to this. Now when I eat out or buy something ‘normal’, not only do I feel less guilty about how bad it is, but I can taste the sugar and salt way more and I can literally get more joy from it.

50% of the time though the real bad stuff like KFC or ultra greasy food is somewhat enjoyed going in. Then you realise how much it messes with your system and that’s enough to motivate you to avoid it next time. That’s been my experience anyway lol

Ravenous by Henry Dimbleby is a recommended read. It examines our relationship with food: modern diets, obesity, the food chain etc. it’s not a highbrow read but interesting and thought provoking.

Interestingly he is the founder of Leon fast food restaurants which is touted as healthy but when I went to one, a lot of the options seem somewhat on the unhealthy side.