My eating disorder and Huel

Idk i can call the titel that and I’m sorry if it’s not okay I do so! Just didn’t know what else to call it… Sorry.

I’m from Danmark, only been on huel for almost a month now and as the title says I have a eating disorder that has affected my relationship with food for my whole life. It’s not a eating disorder my country have much knowledge about or at least my doctor and other professionals aren’t sure what’s going on with me exactly but basically my body rejects food… Almost any food which means I mostly go around with heavy nausea or forced to throw up against my will. Because of this I rarely ate or only ate the few things my body would accept which wasn’t the most healthy of food or must enjoyable to eat or make. Ofc this has lead to me not getting the protein and vitamins I needed for so so many years! It also made my obese (who know not eating could do that to you? Not me!)

My best friend has seen my suffering from this for a long time so he suggested me to try out huel. He himself have used it for years with success for his own goals, so we went through the known ingredients to see if any of them was anything my body had problems with and everything seemed fine. So I went ahead and ordered 2 bags of normal huel, vanilla and chocolate and a salted caramel booster.

I have now been using it for almost a month as mentioned before and other then the chocolate (which was a risk to begin with since I’m kinda allergic to chocolate but hey… I love chocolate, can’t blame me for that xD) and some lite dizziness in the beginning, it has actually worked for me! I only drink 2 shakes a day and I only managed to drink a half shake at the time since I’m actually not use to eat that much a day but it stays down and I have no nausea at all with it! I am trying slowly to increase my intake so I getting exactly what I need but one step at the time! I actually feel better and have more energy which helps me on a daily basis where I’m fighting with ptsd, mixed personality disorder and anxiety which really can take your energy away and mess with your mood. It also taste pretty good according to me.

I don’t say huel is the way for others with eating disorders since everyone is different and you should find out what works best for you! Preferably with professional help to guide you. But for me who has tried everything to befriend food for my whole life, it has open up a way for me to actually be healthy with food and get the vitamins and protein I need without causing me pain or discomfort and for that I’m deeply thankful for.

I have already ordered my second batch of huel. This time I’m having Vanille, salted caramel and berry flavor. Can’t wait for it to get here!

thank you for listening to my story and I hope it’s okay I share it <3


Hey Nanna, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with us, we really appreciate you opening up.

I’m so surprised that your doctors don’t know when is going on with your body rejecting food, but it sounds really tough and I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you.

What do you mean by this? Were there some foods that you were able to have?

This is such great news, 2 Huels a day is brilliant progress, there will be so much nutrition there compared to what you were likely eating before. Have you managed to eat anything else during the day?

This is so true. It is interesting to see though that many people without EDs have said that Huel would perpetuate people’s disordered eating, and be a negative thing. But there are so many that have found the opposite, that actually Huel was a stepping stone to building back up a better relationship with food. It’s great to see and I hope you can work your way towards helping yourself more.

Thanks for sharing!

The doctors guess that its mostly mental because of traumatizing experience with food as a child (I was neglected as a child). they do wanna get my body check out completely but since I can’t work, the system has to pay and approve it which isn’t a easy or fast process. Also covid aren’t making it easier.

Yeah there are some food I can eat like mostly veggies, bread, fish and some fruit. It might sound like a lot but for the most part I have to cook to keep it interesting and I sadly rarely have energy for that and fish are really expensive here. I’m definitely not getting the vitamins or protein I need through any of my meals. Also there are a different between my body rejection it and me not liking the taste. There are a lot of things I love the taste of but my body aren’t agree with and the other way around. so it’s really a battle between tasty and what my body can deal with.

Yes I do still eat some bread or other things I feel the desire to eat since my goal is to get a healthy relationship with food but huel is rn my main food source and it working great for me :slight_smile:

Idk how to do the fancy reply as you did so I hope this is good enough xD

Hi @Nanna it’s great to hear that Huel is working out well for you :+1:

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After I had my fourth child, I suffered from a difficulty in losing weight and had been told to eat less by my doctor. I tried eating less; I also was very busy with three children under five years old at home, and suffered from kidney stones. Anyway, I ate less and less and finally I stopped losing weight and started gaining weight. This was quite scary, and my GP finally referred me to a dietician at the hospital.

The dietician asked me what I was eating, and when I told her, she asked what else I was eating? I said, ‘well, sometimes when I meet my daughter from school she hasn’t finished her apple, and I eat the core, but surely THAT doesn’t give me any calories?’

Her response made me cry. She said that I wasn’t having enough calories so of course I would gain weight, as my body had gone into ‘starvation’ mode and was trying to conserve energy.

I was given strict instructions to ‘jump-start’ my metabolism every morning by having something like a pear first thing to remind it that there was food coming!

WeightWatchers(c) have a similar principle whereby you need a certain base level of ‘points’ depending on your starting weight (a heavier person needs more) in order to lose weight.

I don’t count calories at all, now, just try to eat healthily, with a good ratio of nutrients and elements. I had a colostomy in January 2018, and now liquidise many foods, so I use Huel to add some things I lack in my diet. I prefer the UU Black as it is more versatile to add to other foods. My subscription is actually for nutrition bars!


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