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Hi everyone, I am really glad to have found out about Huel. I am not too overweight ( about 2 stones) but have had problems with compulsive/ v low cal eating for years. I now attend Overeatets Anonymous. I cannot trust myself to make a good choice for 3 meals a day and like the thought of using Huel as part of my ‘abstinence’ from crappy food. I have only used it for a few days, I’m not hungry and haven’t binged on it. I only have to plan, choose and cook one meal a day and so far so good. I used to wish that I didn’t have to eat and just charge up like a phone as it was too easy for me to overeat and make bad food choices. Now there is no choosing, it has taken food off my mind and I feel a sense of relief and freedom from not having to try to do the right thing all the time and fail miserably. I am loving Huel so far.


Welcome :grin:

Good to have another member of fellowship on the Huel journey.
I relate to what you’ve written totally; my addiction to eating & planning stratagies on when how & what to eat next being a constant thought, which are much lessened now I’m doing the Huel.

Hope it continues to help your recovery from this cruel cunning & baffling disease

much love x

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I am not overweight atall i am 5 foot 9 and 73 kilos, im a boxer so i suppose i am currently quite a bit over fighting weight but in normal terms im not overweight atall.

I am the worst compulsive eater i have ever come across, especially for someone who is so small

I drank only huel for 10 days and felt fantastic and looked great

I forget what happened but something set me on a food binge and today is day number 6 of straight up binge eating. For example i have just bought and eaten

200gram bar of chocolate
200g bag of walkers mix ups
1x Asda homemade pizza
1x vanilla cheesecake

I ate all that in the space of 1 hour, i wasnt even hungry. This is now, earlier in the day i had a full english brekfast with 4 pieces of toast 2 packets of crisp and a pear.

Id put a safe estimate on that at about 7000 calories

The only reason im not severely overweight is because i workout so much

Im going to restart back up on huel tomorrow and hopefully stick to it long term. Im just poisoning myself with the junk food and i know it

Hey thanks for the honest fessin up :relieved:

I can find myself fibbing & not telling the absolute truth about the quantity of food i can pack away; adding up the calories is one of the ways I torture & berate myself, so I try not to do too much of it, as my self worth is at rock bottom when I’ve been on a binge, so keeping a track of the numbers is another way to beat myself up. :cry:

In my experience its our attitude & relationship to food / eating more than our size or how much we weigh. I’ve sat in the rooms & heard those with IMO beautiful, faultless, perfectly proportioned, shaped, tanned, toned, tattooed :heart_eyes: admirable bodies speaking of dis-satisfaction of their physical appearance, shape, size & lack of self esteem, self hatred; sharing the almost identical concerns of those of us who are clinically obese

We are powerless over food, If we could stop eating we would of done so long ago, same as those of us who complusively avoid food or eating or only manage to consume certain types of foods, If we could change our behaviours ourselves we would’ve done so long before these actions brought us misery & despair.
…Same as the alcoholic, drug, gambling or sex addict. None of us chose to develop these compulsive destructive behaviours.

This afternoon, I’ve been on a family ‘do’ & although I took a pre-mixed Huel I indulged in the “ooh no too many choices” (buffet) food :cold_sweat: ,

Incidentally I found the homemade, raw or basic foods REALLY GOOD but the shop bought packet foods were very disappointing…unfortunately I probably won’t remember that though, the next time I’m faced with the same food types again & I will want to consume them…

Every now & again I have a dabble with sugar (misguidedly attempting to control my intake of it) But once I have a little I want a lot. :chocolate_bar: :cookie::doughnut::lollipop::chocolate_bar::cookie::honey_pot::cake::chocolate_bar::custard::chocolate_bar::doughnut::lollipop::lollipop::candy::chocolate_bar::cookie::honey_pot:
you get my point!!
One is too many & a 1000 isn’t enough It is like a drug to me, once i have it I can’t stop.

I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to always start again, OD@AT (one day at a TIME)
In the past I’ve raged that alcoholics / drug addicts have it simpler; although getting clean & sober may be horrendous & the most difficult thing to do, once through the detox & withdrawl then there is a chance of staying abstinent. Where as a food addict has to let the tiger out of the cage 3+ times as day to eat (which I do all tooo easliy) Its getting it back in the cage at the end of the mealtime that I have trouble with. My tiger likes to go on the rampage!

May Huel help bring us peace & freedom from our over reliance on foods & dodgy eating practices.


Thanks for the welcome. I have to say I didn’t expect the replies I have received, in a way it’s reassuring that other people go through this too ( though I am sorry that they do). It’s a terrible thing to be so preoccupied with food and I totally get the ‘binge list’ posted. Maybe it’s more common than I thought, there just too much food in the world, too much choice, I’m sick of it. The developed world literally is sick from it - diabetes, heart disease, many cancers etc. I like that Huel is vegan, no impact hardly on environment, low human footprint generally and sticks two fingers up to mass produced junk that is in our supermarkets.
I hope I can stay on the Huel, feel I have more energy, feel more alert and focused. I want to rise beyond the slavery of compulsive eating - and be set free.

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For quite a while I had a strange relationship with food. I would eat a big meal and would still be hungry. I would carry on eating and even when I felt like I was bursting I craved more food. I thought I was being greedy and put on more an more weight. My mind thought I needed more and more nutrition and I kept on buying too much food to hoard in my kitchen cupboards.

After a few other issues ( lack of sleep / passing out while running ) I went to the doctor’s and found out that I had too much of the hormone cortisol in my system caused by Cushing’s Disease. I had surgery and the hunger pretty much went away. It’s still taken a bit of work to get back to my ideal BMI.

I agree that Huel takes away the need to make bad choices about food. Sugar seems to be the main culprit in harming my health when I’m not watching what I eat.

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Welcome to the Forum and I’m so pleased that you have been welcomed so heartily by our community. Huel will be an amazing tool in your pursuit of healthy eating and I wish you all the best. If you have any questions about using Huel then fire away and we, or the Huelers here, will be more than happy to answer.