100% huel for 24 hours: feeling sick, bloated and hungry at the same time?

Hi there everyone,

I’m a long time fan of Huel and have used the meals as my regular lunch for a long time. I also suffer from a couple of severe food allergies which makes eating while travelling difficult, and I’ve long thought about just surviving off 100% Huel while on holiday to make trips less stressful.

So I thought I’d ‘test run’ this and spent the last 24 hours just drinking Huel. By the end of it I felt kind of sick/bloated and also really hungry at the same time - as if I just needed something solid. I couldn’t get to sleep feeling that hungry in fact so I ate a huel bar which did the trick.

I know there are a few people on here who are 100% Huellers so I wanted to ask if my experience is normal at the start of going 100% (while my stomach adjusts to all the liquid and the absence of as many solids?)? And if so, roughly how long would ti take before I ‘adjusted’?


How many calories had you taken during the 24 hours? How much do you weigh? This could be a major factor in your hunger, if your having enough calories your hunger may have just been psychological. How many scoops do you have per meal and how many meals? Also how much water are you drinking,? Answer these and I could really help you out.

I’m a 100% hueler and I love it. Of course I have meals here and there though the week, but most of the time I’m just huel. I personally don’t get bloated but it does fill me up.

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I echo what @Dragonste89 has said, if you’ve gone for an example in the booklet then it’s likely it isn’t appropriate for you.

Another thing I think is a big factor, at least in satiety for me, is the viscosity of Huel. Generally if I make a thicker Huel I find it more filling. I usually have 125g of Huel with 500-600ml water which is slightly thicker than our recommended 3 scoops and 570ml.

What’s your reason for switching to 100%? Lunchtime is a perfect time to use Hue!

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Thanks for the reply!

Calories in the last 24 hours: 1900 from Huel Liquid and then 500 from Huel Bars
Structure of meals: 130g huel powder for breakfast, 130g for lunch, 85g as a snack, 130g for dinner, and then two huel bars right before bed as I felt hungry
Water: I had about 2 litres of water during the day. This is separate from the water I had with the huel powder - I have about 500ml with each shake
Weight: I weight 62kg, male, late 20s

I love Huel as well - so it’s great to hear from a 100%er. I’d like to make it work for me, looking forward to what you have to say :slight_smile:

PS: did you find that you needed a short adjustment period to get used to being 100%? I’m wondering if my first 24 hours was just a reflection of that

Can I ask what you mean by example in the booklet?

I’ll try out thicker huels - maybe I was using too much water and that was making me feel bloated too.

I suffer from a couple of severe food allergies which makes eating while travelling difficult, and I’ve long thought about just surviving off 100% Huel while on holiday to make trips less stressful. It would literally be life changing (every meal in a foreign country is nerve wracking when it might kill me, and some parts of the world are just a no-go for me right now). I want to try 100% Huel for a week or so at home first as a test run to make sure I feel fine on it.

You weigh 62kg? You are having plenty of calories then, that really isnt your worry if you are feeling hungry after all that then it is 100% in your mind. This can be hard to get over because it’s not physical hunger that your trying to overcome but the mind your have to beat. You are getting plenty of calories and plenty of water, maybe try and drink more water.

If this is your first day doing 100% huel then that many be the reason, everyone is going to be different, remember you are ALWAYS thirsty before you are actually hungry. I personally drink over 3-4 litres and if I don’t I get hungry and bad sugar craving (that’s all in my head because I’m thirsty)(and that’s the hardest part to get over)

When it comes to your allergies I’m sorry I can’t relate or help, I’ve got a stomach of iron really, my own mum and dad take the piss and say I can eat anything and not have s problem. So no I didn’t have a adjustment period I just went straight to the 100% because I wanted to lose the extra love handles, lost a stone in 1-2 months easy with exercise and now I’m comfortable at 12.5.

You’ll never know in one day how something effects you enough, try it for a week then adjust on how you see fit. I weight about 25kg more than you, and eat half as much huel as you had taken that day, and still feel full.(when I wanna lose some weight) so the huel really isn’t your problem.

My diet is horrible when not eating huel so my stomach has to adjust in some way, all the bacteria in the body has to do all do some changes stuff sciency wiency stuff that I read a little bit about, but wouldn’t want to quote anything in case I’m wrong.

Give it some time and adjust, experiment with it and work out what works for you.
You have the rest of your life to figure it out, nothing happens good ever happens over night.
I hope the huel works for you, sounds like it would be fantastic for you.

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Thanks for the advice. You’re right maybe it is all in my mind, but I think it might also take a few days for my stomach to get used to being full of liquid lol. Yeah I weigh 62kg, skinny af.

No worries about the allergies, I was just mentioning that in response to Tim’s question about why I want to go 100% Huel

Thanks again

Give it 7 days. No need to be too strict about things. Give it 7 days and reply again on this and let me know how you find it.

One thing that works for me is chewing gum between meals. It’s like my body needs chewing to feel full.

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