I'm going 100% - things to keep in mind?


I have used Huel for a couple of months for most days at 1-3 shakes a day. I now want to go full Huel at 100% for various reasons. Time frame is a couple of months. Is there anything I need to consider or keep in mind? Also all advice/feedback is very welcome

If this works well I might stick to it with the occasional snack or meal

No, literally nothing to bear in mind. It’s no big deal, it’s just you choosing to eat the same food for 100% of your intake.

Plenty of people here have done it, myself included.

Cravings were my issue, mainly bacon, cheese, brownie, pasta and chips.

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Thanks for the reply.
How did you feel during 100% Huel other than some cravings?

It was good. I’m not going to fanboy like some others here do - It matched my previous healthy diet for both energy levels and recovery time following training.

The positives were the convenience and the cost, only £1.50ish per meal and 2 minutes prep time in the Nutri Ninja.

However, if your diet on “real food” sucks, it’d probably be a whole different experience. I did find that my digestion played up a bit though. Think I made a thread on here about it.

Basically, I’d go a few days with only tiny bowel movements, then eventually I’d have one absolutely agonising movement during which “paste” like :poop: would be forced out, huge amounts. Unbelievably painful, like one of those day ruining poos where you have to knuckle down in the cubicle, even going as far as removing your pants to get the legs into optimal position. Sweat would begin to build on my brow as I lifted myself into a squat position, hoping the agony would end.

BUT, that hasn’t happened in a long time… All I’ll say is, if what you put in doesn’t come back out, start getting worried… :frowning:

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Ouch, that made me laugh but also a tad worrying. I wonder how come your digestion became troublesome :scream:

I never figured it out. @JamesCollier even had a few suggestions but never got to the bottom of it.

One day it just went away and never came back, haven’t had it for a solid year or so now. Perhaps it was something in 2.1 or 2.2 that didn’t agree with me.

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I will find out wether or not this affects me I suppose, lets hope not though. Might make a journal on the forums to post all the TMIs, lol

Honestly, some people have such unreasonable expectations of James & the whole Huel team.

Phil, maybe ask a proctologist in a professional capacity? Expecting a nutritionist to go there is frankly just weird, however good your webcam & sense of balance, though I do have to say, amazing macro photography.

Heyy! Not sure if you’ve read my 100% week thread—for some reason I was VERY tired (a different kind of exhausted than I’m used to, so I noticed it). But many others say the opposite, that they have tons of energy. I found that my sleep quality was great on 100% Huel though!

Found myself craving savoury and the texture of crunch, which was easily sokved by adding Huel granola into my diet. Was a piece of cake after!

‘Never got to the bottom of it’! :joy::joy:


Hahaha, it wasn’t something I was terribly worried about so once I ran out of ideas I just gave up and let it be…
If it got bad enough I obviously would have taken it to a medical professional :slight_smile:

Mind linking it? Dont think I read it lol

Day 3 on 100% now and going well, energy levels are a bit low and slept like the dead last night.

Seriously craving bacon this morning!!! :zipper_mouth_face:

Wrote a way too detailed log of my observations/side effects hahhaa :stuck_out_tongue: but of course everything’s very individual :slight_smile: