I can't go 100% Huel. Any tips or tricks?

I currently do 3 100g/500ml shakes per day, evenly spaced out.

Any more and I go into turbo gas production / diarrhea :sweat_smile:

And that’s only possible since Huel added the probiotic. So I’ve ordered one that has more strains cause I thought hey maybe that’ll help, but it’s more or less the same.

How do you guys that go 100% do it? Did you just get lucky and can pump without any issues? Is there anyone who was maybe in a similar situation like me and figured out a trick to deal with this issue?

How long did you try it for? Your body should get used to it. I find that I now have more problems if I eat anything other than Huel. On the rare occasion when I have a family do or a couple of days away and off Huel my system is really unhappy. Just 100% huel and things are fine. I also take aloe vera which I’ve been doing for a while. It definitely helps because I stopped it for a couple of months just to check. However, I do work from home and don’t socialise much so a bit of wind isn’t inconvenient. And I’m old so it’s expected. Maybe try a hot and savoury for one of your meals. Perhaps you need something a bit more solid (pun intended).

Been on partial Huel for over 4 years. I do mix in other food, as I otherwise just can’t reach enough calories. I’ve tried Hot & Savoury, but it seems to make things worse compared to shakes, also taste isn’t good enough for 100% consumption.

What do you mean you take Aloe Vera? Is it edible as well? xD

I could maybe force my system on Huel for a few days and see what happens, never tried that, as it just gets pretty bad quickly when I have too much. :frowning:

Ooh don’t force it. Unless you have a few days where you can stay home and just live in a little Huel world to see what happens. I just know that I live on Huel with no adverse side effects now that my body is used to it. Maybe you’re reacting to an ingredient or maybe the Huel is reacting with something else that you’re consuming. There are cleverer people than me here that could probably give you better advice about this. I probably don’t take as much as you do - 800 calories of BE, 300 calories of Protein and a H&S meal. I don’t have anything else apart from oat milk in my tea and coffee. I drink a lot of water.

I take aloe vera tablets which help my digestive system. I don’t know how they work but I was looking for something to help with the initial reaction that I was getting with Huel which was much the same as yours. I didn’t want to take charcoal tablets because I read that charcoal inhibits the absorption of some nutrients. Aloe vera helps with bloating and wind and the slight IBS that I used to suffer from.

I think I’ve probably just found the thing that works for me and I really hope that you can do the same. It’s about experimentation but you have to have the time to do it which isn’t always possible. I think I could only do this because I work alone at home and don’t socialise much. If I was having to go into work and mix with a lot of other people when I first started on Huel I would probably had had to give it up.

I currently do about 1350cal total, all from Black Edition (+other normal food). If I did the maths right you’re doing about 1500cal total. I think H&S made it worse for me (even substituting, not adding to the total). I don’t drink lots of water besides what is in the Huel to be fair.

So I could try two things:

  • drink some amount of water extra after/between huel shakes
  • aloe vera tablet

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi maybe you need to up your huel intake gradually. I haven’t done 100 percent Huel yet but I have gradually upped my intake over the last month

How much are you doing?

In my experience it’s not that much about the amount of Huel I‘m eating/drinking. For me it’s more about the combination of food. My body doesn’t like the combination of Huel + sugar and/or alcohol. Then I get the same problems as you (wind and diarrhea). I discovered Huel 6 months ago and love it! Lost 8 kg, am now maintaining my weight since a month without any problems even when I’m eating out and/or am on vacation. I feel so much better health wise than I used to. And even after holidays with delicious food I really like I‘m looking forward to my Huel shakes at home. When I’m at home all my breakfasts and lunches consist of Huel and quite often also my dinner (another shake or a H&S pasta dish). I mix my shakes only with water. As a snack I eat a Huel bar or something more unhealthy (I’m no purist :crazy_face::joy:). And I drink a lot of tap water additionally (1.5 liters or more).
I hope you find your way to feel amazing. Just listen to your body. We’re all different that’s why there’s not one right diet for everybody.

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Is there any reason you want to go 100% Huel Philipp? A varied diet is best and I wouldn’t force something that isn’t working for you.

That’s correct!

I haven’t seen much around this so would be hesitant recommending aloe vera.

I’ll try pay more attention to that :slight_smile:

Just can’t be bothered planning, buying and making normal food most of the time :sweat_smile:
Making a dinner kind of thing is okay, it’s just I dislike having the same sandwich or whatever over and over, I’d much rather just pump a quick Huel and be done with it.

The most Huel I have had in one day is 3 shakes. Though im drinking Huel daily I do have other foods as well. Also have gradually increased my intake.