Crossing to 100% huel

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m finding it hard to get to 100% Huel. Everyday I wake up, determined to get all my calories from Huel, but I find by tea time I end up just wanting dinner.
I think it’s partly psychological, not eating all day feels odd. I think this coupled with the difficulty of cleaning my shaker in work (it takes a lot of time) means I am probably not consuming enough calories and by the end of the day I just want food.

I’m going to pre-make Huel tomorrow, and keep it in the fridge for the day.

Anyone else struggling to get to a total Huel diet? If so what’s the obstacles you have?

I’m trying to get there too, I mean it depends on how much you’re trying to drink a day. I find breakfast the hardest, it just feels odd to just drink. Gotta have a cuppa with it to balance out.

Making your days worth of meals in the morning helps hugely as you can just drink when you want and you have your calories all planned and chilled in the fridge.

Have you tried the calorie estimator on the Huel page? It’s really good and gives you advice based on your goals for your weight and size. 3 Scoops @ 4 times a day is frequent enough and gives you near enough 2000 calories.
With regards to shaker cleaning, I have 3 shakers that I fill in the morning! Haha, I find a quick rinse afterwards is fine, just don’t leave it sitting!

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I find it good in the morning. Also if i don’t start the day on huel ie. I have cereal, I find it very difficult to continue just having huel.

I agree with you here. I’ve caved many times for my last meal…

For me I think it is psychological. I have 4 huel shakers made up each day of 450 cals each… meaning I take in 1800 cals from Huel, I figure I get at least 200 cals a day from coffee and drinks. I only take 3 out with me however, and leave the final one at home for when I get back from work.

If I get back late, I feel quite hungry… when that happens I start to think about eating and pop by the shop to get something.

I think the issue is Hungry = Lets eat something. I don’t yet see huel as ‘eating’… because it’s not, it’s drinking.