Newbie Advice Please


Good afternoon im a newbie and I need instructions lol
My Kcal to lose weight should be 1450, so I have been doing 2 scoops for breakfast, 2.5 for Lunch and an evening meal of 355kcal and a snack of 105 - does this all seem correct or am I totally off lol


Hi Emma. Quite a few of us here use MyFitnessPal to log our daily calories. It makes things so much easier. Also, without actually weighing your food, just going on scoops which can vary quite a lot in weight, your daily amount is not going to be very accurate. Do you have a set of digital kitchen scales? I rely on mine all the time. Invaluable! :grin:


Thank you, I use MFP for the food part of it too, very handy. Easily confused with the amount of scoops I should be having etc lol


MFP does it all. It has all the Huel products in its database. A Huel scoop is approx 38g - a little over 150 calories depending on which Huel powder you are using. At lunchtime I had 76g Huel coffee premix with 100ml almond milk/350ml water. Came to 317 calories in total. I weigh absolutely everything I eat, no cheating :grinning:


Wow you must be so disciplined! im really good till someone opens the wine lol


I find it’s much easier with scales, because every 25g Huel is 100 calories. The average amount in a scoop isn’t such a nice round number.


LOL if I set my mind to something I am tenacious. If I have a glass of wine (rarely these days) it gets measured and logged :grin:


hahaha ill log the first one then forget to log the rest of the bottle


I understand why people measure of course but do you account for the Huel left in the shaker when you’re finished? Otherwise you’re overclocking the calories a fair bit


It’s amazing how many calories you can eat/drink without a second thought. Then wonder where all that fat has come from :laughing:


OMG yes lol


What Huel left in the shaker?? Mine gets rinsed and drunk. Every last drop :laughing:


hahaha I chew on the lumps cos I miss proper food in the day ahahahha


I love the lumpy bits. Feel a bit deprived if I’ve shaken it too well :smile:


Haha I don’t really get lumps when I mix mine but I do miss chewing, Huel bars are great for that


My scales are only accurate to 1g, so there would have to be >4ml of unfinished Huel (when shaking 100g with 400ml water) to exceed this margin of error anyway. That’s nearly a teaspoon’s worth - there’s definitely not that much left by the time I’ve finished :smiley:


How long has everyone been on it?


Day 1 for me, nearly through it. I love the Vanilla, but im grimacing through every slurp of mint chocolate flavour…anything I can do to make it better tasting?


Since last October for me. Huel powder, granola and bars. I first gave the powder a go, to see if it would help with my IBS, which it has, enormously! I also needed to lose weight and Huel has helped me do that too. I love it. Huel is a way of life for me now and I feel so much healthier for it :grinning:


@Rubyroo what is it about the mint choc that you dislike?

Try adding some cacao/cocoa powder to make it more chocolatey. And refrigerate it for a few hours, preferably over night