Chocolate Huel calories


I was a hueler before but have only just started back on it. I’ve bought myself a bag of the vanilla powder and a bag of the chocolate. I’ve posted my thoughts on the taste of the chocolate in another topic, so won’t bother to do so here, but I was wondering if anybody could offer any clarification on the calories.

When I diet, I’m fairly dependent on MyFitnessPal. I used it before when I was hueling and got great results. According to the app, 3 scoops of huel contain 459 calories. However, the same app tells me that an equivalent shake made using the chocolate powder is 600 calories. I realise they aren’t necessarily going to be exactly the same, but this seems a fair sized difference to me.

Is my information accurate? Anybody able to advise?

According to my bag, chocolate Huel is 405 calories per 100g so near enough the same as the others.
If you want to count calories you are better off weighing it because a scoop can vary massively.

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Chocolate premix isn’t showing up on MFP for me so far. I have to keep putting it in as Mint-Choc.

I know that you’re right about the scoop thing. I do weigh for my evening shake, but for my breakfast and lunch ones I’m at work and don’t really want to crack out a pair of scales. My colleagues think I’m weird enough for Huelling as it is.


Haha yeah I understand that !

I have some little round Addis beakers so I can pre-weigh it for making shakes quick and easy when I’m out and about.

If I’m honest I usually just scoop away though and don’t worry about exactly how many calories it is lol.

That’s such a simple idea that I have no idea why I didn’t already think of it.

To be fair, I’ll still lose weight fairly steadily even if I go a bit over what I mean to on the calories. I’m 6’3 so allowed a fair amount per day to maintain weight, and according to the app I’m eating between 1200 and 1300 calories a day, which is well under what I need to eat to lose weight.

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I never weigh my Huel, just work on the law of averages really! And lost a stone now in 4 weeks


It’s possible to add products to MFP database as a user as well, right ?
I’m going to place an order in the next few days (change sub date) and have choc in it, if needed
I’ll figure out how to add it (correctly) to MFP and with barcode if possible. :slight_smile:


We actually don’t add products on MFP, all the Huels on there are added by users, so feel free to add it in!

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This is based on the US formulation where the scoop size is slightly larger.

UK scoops roughly equate to 152kcal and US scoops 200kcal. Which explains the difference.

Great name by the way.

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That seems to explain the difference. I didn’t realise the US scoop sizes were larger. Thanks for the info.

There are various threads about it…they often have hilarious posts in them.


Not hard to find, the scoops are a well debated topic on this forum.


I’m new to the forum and haven’t exactly spent time going through all the old topics. I’ve found a few by searching, but wouldn’t have known to search for scoop size because I didn’t know it was an issue.

You’ll see, if haven’t noticed yet, there are some of us pretty serious about scoops :joy: