100% huel and then blow out meal?

Hi All,

I’m a 23 y/o female due to receive my first package today. Now i’m a bit of a perfectionist/OCD so was planning on going pretty much 100% huel after the first few days acclimatising. I wanted to ask whether anyone has experience of being 100% huel and then having a big blow out meal and/or alcohol (birthday or whatever) does your body completely freak out? For example i’m going to a concert in a few weeks and planning on having a big burger style dinner with beer etc :hamburger: but i don’t want to then be ill because my body isn’t used to it! (i should add i very rarely drink at the moment anyway)


Hey Katie,

You’ll be fine. I’ve been on nearly 100% Huel for a while now and have had 3 or 4 cheat meals. Other than them tasting even more amazing than usual, nothing bad happened.

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I’m near 100% Huel for a few months now. Had a couple of big meals out in that time and the only thing I’ve really noticed is that solid food fills me up a bit quicker than I think it used to. Alcohol, no difference that I can spot other than much reduced hangover, which I suspect is due to much better macro intake.

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Thanks everyone! I actually had my first Huel this morning but was sadly really disappointment. I just really can’t stomach the taste at all, way too sweet and artificial tasting. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to swap at least my second bag for the unflavoured version as I couldn’t even finish my one this morning :frowning:

My advice is to try and stick with it.
I had that exact same reaction to my first shake - it was horrible, really overly sweet and with a chemical aftertaste that stayed with me for hours. But as I’m much too tight to throw away a whole bag, I decided to struggle through it anyway. Surprisingly, subsequent shakes tasted a lot better. Still a little too sweet for my liking and there’s still a slight sweetener taste there, but it’s quite palatable, I’m starting to enjoy it more.
I’m definitely going to give the unsweetened a try with my next order though.

Frozen fruit does wonders. I’m not a massive fan of Huel alone. Some frozen strawberries and bananas and it’s lush.

As others have said, a bit of frozen fruit blended in with it will really change the taste.

The other thing I’ve tried is if you make it and leave it in the fridge overnight before drinking it the taste seems less aggressively sweet.

Hi @Katie_Rei! As everyone has said you should be fine. I would just say when you acclimatise we recommend that when you first try replacing 1 meal with Huel, and then after a while (approx. 5-7 days) you progress to replacing 2 of your daily meals (and then 3, 4, etc. if you want to go 100% Huel). This will allow your body to slowly adjust to Huel.

It is possible that when you start Huel for the first time that you will experience flatulence and irregular bowel movements, tiredness and/or cravings, depending on how healthy your diet was before. However, this will settle down as your body adjusts.

We just don’t want you diving in too fast. If you need any other tips then everyone on here will be glad to help!

Thanks guys,

I’m going to try and persevere. Made a shake with frozen berries to bring to work for lunch but shockingly having had my first shake and not even finishing it (2 scoops) at 5:30am and then doing a bootcamp I’m still not hungry in the slightest! Will update on how I find it with the fruit when I’m hungry enough to eat it!

Just had my Huel blended with frozen berries and a lot more water and it was much better. Can’t say it’s the best I’ve ever tasted but definitely drinkable! Will try out other flavour combos and see how that goes!

Swap your second bag if you can, then use 50:50 sweet:unsweet. Its so much better that way.

I also now use 50/50 vanilla and unsweetened. Works for me nicely and is open to flavourings. Use the unsweetened for any savoury options like 5 spice.