Huel for Breakfast Only

I have been doing a lot of reading about Huel.

My understanding is that I will only get the nutritional benefits if I consume Huel for every meal…so if I have it for breakfast only, there’s not much benefit.

Is that right?

It still has a great balance of everything you need, you just won’t get 100% of everything. Most have breakfast and lunch on Huel and a normal eveing meal.

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£40 a month for breakfast does seem a lot. I’d be better off with a healthy cereal and Alive Multivitamins.

Have a healthy cereal for breakfast then, and Huel for either lunch or dinner, whichever suits you best. For example if you usually have lunch at work, you might want to replace that meal with Huel. Or if you dont feel like cooking in the evening, you could could replace dinner with Huel. It really depends on what suits you best. No matter how many meals you replace with Huel, that meal itself will be nutritionally complete. Although it is possible to replace every meal with Huel, it isn’t necessary to do so to get the benefits.

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It’s about £1.33 per breakfast so it’s not expensive when you consider the nutritional value.

And convenience!

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What do you mean by this?

Do you see it as

  • 3 meals of a Huel = 100% health
  • therefore 1 meal of Huel = 33% health?

Also what do you mean by “benefit”? :slight_smile: