New to huel, diet advice

Hi everyone I’m new to huel and starting next week, I’m 36 years old, male and 5ft 7 and weigh 13 stone exactly but need to lose around two stone as I’m over weight for my height, last year I lost one stone with exercise and diet in 2 months but over the year it’s slowly come back as I have not been exercising.

I want to use huel for breakfast and also lunch and then just have a meal at dinner time, how much should I be having or am I better to skip breakfast and just have a huel for lunch and a meal for dinner?

Thanks all :-).

Skipping breakfast is no for everyone as it can make you susceptible to snacking, grumpy etc. while other people favour a long fast overnight and eating later…Huel for me has actually helped in that I do now eat a breakfast most days, when I always used to not bother with it.

If I was you, I’d probably have 100g of huel for breakfast and lunch and then a meal of about 800 calories in the evening - that would be around 1800 calories…you’ll need to bear with it for a while as you may feel hungry if you are eating far more; of course if you are exercising you will need more. There is no one size fits all answer I’m afraid. You only lose weight if there is a calorie deficit, and you’ll probably give up if you are hungry all he time…I don’t actually use Huel for weight loss so not necessarily the best person to ask.

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I used to preach that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Then I realised that might’ve been made up by cereal companies :slight_smile:

I now skip breakfast as of the last few years, which saves time in the morning, having a mid-morning black coffee then my first meal at noon. I work really well on this.

Each to their own though!