Eating only Huel: how much would it cost?

I recently started trying replacing some meals with Huel, to check whether I tolerate it. It seems so. Now the big question: is it worth it money-wise? I am Vegan, so I want to compare it with say a diet based on legumes, grains and some veggies.

I live in Spain at the moment. In order to loose weight I need more or less 1800 Calories/die (29M, 180cm, moderately active). If I did the Math right, I need 4.5 scoops/die, which equals 139.5 scoops/month or 8.21 bags/month. Is this correct?

With a subscription and 9 bags every 4 weeks, it totals roughly 208 Euros/month, right? Thank you for any help.

Yes, your arithmetic sounds correct.

Is your plan to replace half your calories with Huel? If so, then yes 4.5 scoops of Huel per day is 900 kcal (200kcal per scoop).

I’m not sure the amount of pouches you’ve accounted for is correct.

  • 1 pouch = 7000kcal
  • You want 4.5 scoops (900kcal) per day which = 139.5 scoops per 31 day month
  • 139.5 scoops = 27,900 kcal
  • 27,900 kcal = ~4 pouches

I might be missing something here and misjudged how many calories you want from Huel, but if you require 900kcal from Huel then you need 4 pouches per month.

Thank you for your message. No, the idea was to replace 100% of my caloric intake.

It will be cheaper than any other nutritionally-complete food that you’d have to make every day.

Include the savings in electricity/gas for not having to use the oven, stove, fridge, freezer, …

Include the time savings from not having to go shopping, no cooking, no washing up, …

All together you’ll find yourself having more money at the end of the month (or year, depending on how you count those things) than before, while also having more time to enjoy the things you actually want to be doing.

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