Enough for 4 weeks?

So. I have Huel on the subscription cycle - delivery every 4 weeks. I am using it twice a day for 5 days per week. 20 servings per 4 week cycle for each flavour. The packets only contain 17 servings…am I missing something?

It really depends how much you put in a serving (2 scoops, 2 scoops?) and how much you fit in each scoop (I heap mine, instead of “level” scoops). I still get more than 17 servings out of a bag, I think

Three servings per pack, I suppose.

I got 20 out of my first pack so you’re not alone, but it does mean you’re getting less calories and nutrients than you think since your scoops are smaller than intended. So consider checking your scoops with a kitchen scale and adjust accordingly.

Thanks…but it is the packaging that states 17 servings. I am using the provided scoop and level cups. I do not pack the powder down. The bit that confuses me is not what I am doing, but that the packaging says only 17 servings…not enough for 4 weeks on a 5:2 plan

It’s not supposed to be exact, I think - if you ordered exactly 40 portions to last you 20 workdays, a single delivery hiccup, bad measurement or failed taste experiment would mess with your diet.

You can treat a pack as 15 or 16 portions when ordering for easier dividing and consider the remaining one or two spares for a rainy day.

Hi the way I read it is 34 portions for 2 bags which would not be enough to last you for the month if you are having 2 scoops/100g per drink. You would need a third bag to see you through. I always weigh mine as I can be heavy handed with the scoops. :heart_eyes:

Nope. You aren’t missing something. The store is set up with defaults. Two bag default as that’s the minimum order, and 4 week subscription as that’s the most common setting. It’s up to you to adjust either the number of bags or subscription frequency to fit with how you are using Huel.

Some people have two Huel meals a day, some one, some four. Some people have a two scoop (100g, 400kcal) serving, some have more, some have less. We are all individuals (to quote Monty Python).

The numbers you see on the shop are rounded approximations. Bag weights vary by flavour from 1.7kg to 1.75kg so won’t necessarily contain exactly 17 servings. According to the nutritional info 100g = 400kcal but 34 x 400kcal doesn’t equal the 14000kcal it says on the site, but instead 13,600kcal. A single scoop may be more or less than 50g depending on whether it’s level or heaped, tightly packed or looser.

So adjust away. For me 2 bags is more than 34 servings as I only have 75g per serving and one serving per day so I don’t order every 4 weeks. I also sometimes have RTD instead. Easiest way to handle it is to calculate how much Huel you have a day (either by weight if you weigh it or scoops if you don’t) and adjust your subscription frequency to fit.

Hope that helps!


I thought the same thing!

I have 1 level scoop in the morning with 350ml of unsweetened almond mild to make up the rest of the calories. For lunch i have 2 level scoops with 800ml of water.

Make them the day before so they thicken.

I find that i just make to to the renewal date every 4 weeks

How do you prepare more than one shake one day in advance? Did you buy more than one shaker bottle?