Optimal subscription for 3x3 a day? Confused newbie

Hi, I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s best when sorting my subscription out. I’m currently having 2x3 scoops and an evening meal (just started) and after this week I’ll be going to 3x3 scoops a day which is what I need to lose weight.

Is anybody else on this amount? What is the optimal amount to buy and how often? I’m currently on 2 bags every four weeks but I doubt that’s enough.

Im finding it tough to figure out as I want the lowest cost per meal as the discount goes up if you add a third bag. (UK)

Thanks for any advice!

(Also, I love the coffee flavour!) :yum:

Hmm what is their definition of a meal though? 2 scoops?

If I do the Maths 3x3 scoops is 9 now divide 9 into the 90 scoops and that’s 10. So only 10 days on that.

So about 3 weeks I’d need 4 bags?

Jeez, now I deleted the wrong one. Need to go sleep.

Sorry, I was only just saying that I woke up this morning feeling knackered but that I am ok now. I obviously am not. LOL…I will delete my previous post as it is wrong.

There are approx 28 meals in 2 bags. So if you are having 3 meals a day, then 2 bags will last just under 10 days.

For most people 3 scoops is more of a meal than 2. I have 100g per meal which is about 400kc.

3 scoops of Huel is more than 100g - maybe nearer 450kc.

A “scoop” is 38g so from that you should be able to work out how many bags you need. But it does feel like you are overthinking it a bit. If you know you are going to consume it and the shelf life is 12 months just buy as many bags as you can afford and keep them in the kitchen. I buy mine in bags of 8 at a time. Long term it works out cheaper with less hassle for everybody.

Edit: You can pause, skip shipment, change dates etc with your subscription. So you could just put 4 bags in and then manipulate the date as you see fit until you settle into a rhythm.

I find it easier to weigh my Huel for my shakes - currently on 70g Huel to 100ml whole milk and 300ml water, had to keep cutting down the amount as it was too much (started on 100g).

Then I can calculate how many meals per bag of 1.75kg.

I get 25 meals per bag, so based on 2 shakes a day 3 bags = 5.3 weeks. That works out the best for me pricing wise and it allows for any “slightly over” on the scales and some in hand if I ever need a little extra on any day.

Thanks I think that makes sense. Just do four next time and then see how long it takes. I can always change the settings at any time. :+1:

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Thanks for all the help from everyone here! @Lyallatron, let us know if you have any trouble at all with subscription ad we would be happy to help!