How long

Good morning all just waiting for my first order to arrive. Can anyone help me if I have one shake a day, how much huel would I need to order to last a month, as I don’t know how much is in each bag. Thanks in advance

I have 4-5 scoops a day (2 shakes) and set the subscription for every 4 weeks. This lasts me for the duration of the month!

Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply so if I have 1 shake a day will the 2 bags last a month

Sorry didn’t see on the site 2 bags is 28 meals, so that’s a month

1 shake a day is only 2-3 scoops so you’ll probably find it lasts more than a month. I’m on 4-5 scoops a day and lasting a month.

I have one shake a day, 120gr per day, and I order 4 bags every 8 weeks. Usually have at least half a bag when the new order comes. Also order 8 boxes of granola every 8 weeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys I ordered 4 bags in my first order which arrived today so should be ok for a couple of months, will look at the granola as well next time

Well just tried the berry flavour very impressed

I generally have one single scoop Huel daily, aside from a week when I had 3 single scoops daily…I started on Huel on 23 July and I am part way through my third bag now.

Wow that’s lasting well

Yeah, but hardly anyone used just one scoop a day.