Nutrition info spreadsheet

So I was looking online and couldn’t find anywhere that had the nutrition info per scoop, could find calorie count easily, but not a full list so I thought I would make one for my own reference mainly but for anyone else wanting to use it too. Currently the sheet only has Vanilla (v2.2), Unflavoured & Unsweetened (v2.2) and all flavour boosts.

The above is a link to the document with commenting enabled in case anyone wants me to improve it in anyway or notices any errors.

Hope it can be of benefit to someone else


Edit: Sheet contents changed


Thanks for doing this, I’m sure some will find it useful if they use varying scoops of Huel. I’ve left some comments, there were some inaccuracies with the micros on Vanilla v2.2.

Thanks for the corrections, I’ll fix it when I get the chance later on today.

I see where the errors have come from, I have professional and was using the values from the back of my bag under the assumption it was the same as Original but there are a few small differences which are now corrected and I’ve added professional on another page considering I already had the values on there.

I’ve been debating adding bars on there but not sure whether anyone would be eating a fraction of a bar.

Ah I see! Huel Professional is exactly the same as the first version of v2.2. We made some minor, intra-version changes recently. So that makes sense.