So how much per serving?

how much powder do I need to get 30grams of protein???

@devito the full nutritional profile is here:

There is 30.7g of protein per 100g of Huel.

How many scoops per 100 grams of powder?

I really don’t need a lesson in simple arithmetic. I don’t see why you make it so complicated. Why can’t you just give directions per serving and nutritional profile on the side of the pouches. I’ve had the powder for a week but not used it yet cos I really can’t be bothered going online to get this info. This goes against the idea of it being convenient.

The nutritional information is on the side of the pouch. It’s per 100g as the serving size is up to you. Have as little or as much as you like.

38g of Huel per scoop.

That’s 38% of 100g of Huel / 30.7g of protein.

1 scoop = 11.6g of protein.

3 scoops = 34.9g of protein.

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@devito You say “Why can’t you just give directions per serving and nutritional profile on the side of the pouches”. We give the full breakdown per 100g which is 410 cals, why is not sufficient?

The problem is that people have different serving sizes.

We also the cal amount by scoops here:

And the amount of calories per different gram weight here:

On the thank you card we give the cal amount per scoop.

If you tell me exactly what you are looking for I will try and help.

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I need to know how many grams of each macro per scoop


11.6g protein
5g fat
15.7g carbs
2.7g fibre

That took me about a minute to find out…

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The scoop is not a precise measuring device. The leaflet you get with the first order states 3 level scoops = 114g but in my experience 3 slightly heaped scoops = 114g. The product is not finely ground like caster sugar so each scoop will not weigh exactly the same so it is not possible to accurately tell you the nutritional profile of each scoop but, as a guide, each scoop weighs 38g so divide the nutritional profile per 100g by 100 and then multiple it by 38 to get the value for one scoop.

Buy some cheep kitchen scales it a much better way of measuring out your meals.

This thread is funny, think they are a troll though… there is no way anyone actualy cannot work out how much protein per scoop.

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No, just in, unfortunately laziness or stupidity aren’t actually exclusive to millennials; and apparently rudeness isn’t either. Some of ya’ll are just made that way. Mind blowing.

Why would you resuscitate a three-an-a-half year old troll thread to reply to a random post made in 2016?

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I’ve been calling myself a millennial for years I’ve only just found out I’m not. I’m actually generation Z
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I’m Generation X, the cool generation that totally failed to undo any of the Boomers’ bullshit, but at least we were very cool and sarcastic about it. So, sorry about that, kid.


I’m an X too. I like being generation X.

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Wasn’t really interested in categorising generations. But last Sunday at work they were talking about it too. And well I’m Gen X too. And of course I wanted to know more… I’m too curious sometimes. So this what I found…

In midlife
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