6'7" tall, 99kg. How much for me?

Foremost, I’d like to suggest that Huel make a tool which can help us calculate how much Huel we should ingest daily to meet our daily requirements based on height/weight/activity level etc. That would be awesome and so useful.

That said, with my size, can someone help me work out exactly how many scoops I should be taking a day to hit daily requirements for my size (NOT the average male’s!)? Don’t worry about activity levels, I can edit that much myself depending on the day, but I want to know how much I should be taking in as a minimum to tick all the boxes every day.

Thanks in advance!

There are loads of calorie calculators on the internet for you to be able to work this out - you don’t give enough information to go on (your age, whether you want to maintain, lose or put on weight, what proportion of Huel will make up your diet, whether you will use vanilla or unflavoured, daily requirements of what?). I also think activity level is important and should be considered by the week rather than the day but assuming you are 30, will only consume Huel, are using vanilla and want to maintain your weight you would need:

2518 calories a day if you were sedentary - just over 16 scoops
2885 calories a day if you were lightly active - just under 18.5 scoops
3252 calories a day if you were moderately active - nearly 21 scoops
3619 calories a day if you were very active - just over 23 scoops
3986 calories a day if you were extra active - just over 25.5 scoops

As above, there are many free online tools already, one is even linked on the Huel website.

If you want to put some kind of structure into what you’re doing I suggest you use myfitnesspal. You can enter your bio stats, whether you want to gain/lose weight etc and it will work out how many calories you need per day. There is a large food database so you can track what you eat and you can use it to design eating plans. You can also enter what exercise you do which will work out how many calories you’ve burned and add those onto your total.

If you want to be precise you need to abandon the scoop anyway. Huel is not ground like caster sugar so every scoop does not weigh the same. I am on a calorie controlled diet so I weigh my Huel on scales into 2 containers which I then take to work, 1 for lunch and 1 for 5pm before training. Then in the evening I weigh out 2 more for the following day.