Protein bar taste

Just had my first Huel Complete Nutrition bar and was really surprised at the taste. So far everything I have tried from Huel has been lovely so was really surprised that this chocolate orange bar tasted so bad.
It was like eating something that had too much fake orange extract added which ended up no even tasting of orange.
What have other people thought of these bars and are any of them better?

I was OK with the initial taste of the Huel Complete Protein Bars but after eating about 20-30 of them, I love the taste now! Favourite is the peanut followed by raspberry, then banoffee and finally salted caramel. They’re just so convenient - I sometimes get through about 3-4 bars a day.

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Sorry to hear you didn’t get on with the Huel bars, we completely get that everyone’s taste is different and it’s great to hear you’ve enjoyed all Huel products you’ve tried so far.

It could be down to the flavour or the product might just not be for you, either way, our customer experience team will be able to help you with this, if you could drop an email to the team will see what they can do.

Same here.

The bars take a bit of getting used to but hang in there. You’ll find they are great.

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