Terrible Complete Protein Bars

So I ordered 2 variety boxes of the Complete Protein Bars and I gotta say these are TERRIBLE. These are the worst protein bars I’ve EVER had! Idk who greenlit these, but they weren’t ready for public consumption yet. Unless I got a bad batch…of ALL FOUR flavors. Huel overall is usually on point, but NOT this time. I’ve tried 4 outa 6 flavors of the Black edition AND all of the RTDs. No problems whatsoever in terms of flavor/consistency. The Hot and Savory too with the exception of the new Mac and cheese, which I ordered and came with the order of bars and haven’t tried yet. These things are all at least 3 of 5 stars or above. I feel absolutely blindsided. The protein bars taste like there’s a bitter and/or vaguely metallic tang in EVERY flavor. None of them are expired afaik. On top of that the actual flavors don’t really taste like much. There’s a VERY VAGUE hint of the flavors they supposedly taste like. The only 1 that wasn’t hard as heck was the Peanut Butter one. The rest were very rock like. My gf tried them as well and she said the same thing. We are both quite disappointed as these are quite expensive and we were looking forward to these. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Our thoughts are the complete opposite.

We have just finished two selection boxes and have ordered four more boxes of peanut and banoffee. The bitter chocolate taste is part of the appeal.


It’s not the chocolate coating. That’s actually kinda plain which is fine. Not a big deal. Something is wrong with the bar itself.

Hi – I had a similar reaction to the taste of the bar on first trying – with a definite synthetic / soapy aftertaste and put it down to the new type of sweetener. However, by the time I had finished the box – I had kind of gotten used to it and didn’t notice it anymore.

I agree the box tastes great.


Beyond the fact that you shouldn’t have to get used to a “soapy taste” I still dont think that’s it. It doesn’t taste soapy to me. Just a bitter kinda metallic tang. VERY strong. Also VERY hard. Idk…:pensive:

its more a case of the taste buds acclimatising to something they havent had before which everybody does - and they also behave differently to everyone else - so somebody’s soap is another persons metal :slight_smile:

I also used to find stevia left a bitter aftertaste but dont get that anymore.

I get that there’s an adjustment period with sweeteners and such. But this is on a whole other lvl. Guess I’ll see where this goes or attempt a refund. I’m sure they’ll do a v2.0 or something. Maybe I’ll wait til then. :sob::joy:

Hey @Rain, welcome to the forum, sorry to see this is the post that brings you here. Really weird to hear this about your CP Bars. I will check in with the team to see if theirs any technical reason to your strong aversion to the taste - like a common reaction to a sweetener.

However do get in touch with our CX team on support@huel.com. I can’t guarantee anything but I’m sure they can help.

Edit: Chatted to the new product development team. The bitterness you describe is most likely because of the brown rice protein used in the CP bars. Some people are much more susceptible to bitterness than others which is why you may be having more of an issue with it. We obviously use brown rice protein in lots of our products, however it is a different brown rice protein that’s used. Its a 90% peptide so it is higher protein and stronger flavour than the one in powders & RTD (the other products you’ve tried).

I appreciate the message. Well the peptide thing certainly isnt awesome if that’s what it is. Maybe that’s it. I guess there’s nothing I can do about the possibility of natural aversion. As previously stated, everything else Ive tried has been decent or really good. I was hoping I had finally found something that was portable, delicious, and complete for my breakfasts and snacks.

I’m the same as you. I find these bars extraordinarily bitter. And I love strong unsweetened espresso and olives…

So I contacted customer service and they sent me another 2 boxes to replace the original 2 variety boxes. PLUS the Huel Complete Protein as an apology. All at no cost to me. AMAZING customer service. No complaints as for the customer service.

Unfortunately the bars they sent to replace the others tasted EXACTLY the same and we’re the same lot #, expiration, etc. So idk if I’ll get these again. I’ll more than likely look for another protein bar elsewhere. All of the other products from Huel have been decent to quite good so far. Crossing my fingers for the v2.0 to be a big improvement in flavor.

Thanks for the update, Tevere. Sorry to hear the CP Bars aren’t for you but I’m pleased (and not surprised) the customer experience team took care of you. Glad you’re loving the rest of the range! :raised_hands:

Hello Rain

I have to say I agree with you 100%
I’m a Huel Black consumer and I really like most tastes
I’m now using H&S from time to time and really appreciate those as well
so I was please to learn about those new bars, as the other ones didn’t have as much protein as I wanted.

So ordered 2 variety boxes just like you.
Every flavors is awful.
Its about the texture of the bar itself, very dry…and the flavors aren’t just natural at all. I tried many other brands bar in Europe which I really like, I just wanted to get everything from huel for convenience. But I won’t order then anymore.

Had them tried by my wife who only took a bite and coulnd’t go any far…

Not convinced on this one Huel, sorry :thinking: :cold_sweat:

Yeah. I hate wasting money so eventually got thru them all. My gf couldn’t stomach them at all so I was forced to solo them. Lol. Ive tried the white label bars recently. Definitely better than the black, but similar. Lacks protein by comparison. I won’t order those again either. Huel just can’t nail the bars for some reason. Maybe I’ll try again the 2.0. For now imma stick to the H&S and the black editions.

Hi Rain,

I agree with you based on the Raspberry flavour. I have two other boxed flavours so will see if they are as bad.

Wife and daughter spat it out after one bite. I finished the bar but imo it tasted bad. Needed lots of water to help me along… My plan, the plan was to eat one of these every day. But depending on how the others taste I might have to swap for another product.

I have no issues with the Powder, RTD, Hot & Savory or Complete Protein shake.

Shame about the bars so far.

If anyone from Huel is monitoring, I live 500 metres away from the Tring HQ and would be happy to product test for you.

Sorry about the CP Bars, Simon. It’s great that you like the other products though, I guess we can’t have it all, we all have preferences!

Ah amazing, lovely to hear you live in our neck of the woods! Perhaps we’ll bump into you soon! We do a lot of product testing in house, but if we ever need volunteers we’ll let you know :raised_hands:

Peanut Butter today and whilst still not awesome it is much better than the Raspberry one. Banoffee tomorrow.

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Guys -

Don’t forget that these are NOT just protein bars. They are complete nutrition bars. You cannot compare them to other protein bars that do not have balanced macros and that have minimal micronutrients.

There’s a trade-off. They will not be as tasty as a good protein bar, but they will be healthier.


And the Banoffee is better than the Penut Butter one. So two out of three isn’t bad.