Terrible Complete Protein Bars

I finally got through the last bar and I can attest, these aren’t great. Last one in was the salted caramel and while it did smell like caramel, it had none of the caramel flavor.

I think Huel would do a lot better with these doing freezedried crushed up fruit versions for flavor instead. Unfortunately in their current state I can’t in good faith recommend them to anyone even though I like the concept of them.

Please Huel, do a new version but based on fruit flavor and then use finely ground up fruit for each type of bar, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry etc, and step away from the artificial flavorings

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I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean here. Do you work in bar manufacture? This is quite a specific recommendation.

There are no artificial flavours used in Complete Protein Bars, we use natural flavours.

My suggestion is to try using freezedried crushed up fruit variants for flavor instead of what you have now, where the flavor is very very subtle, compared to the smell of them.

I don’t work in a bar manufacturer no, but I have experimented a lot with food :slight_smile: I work in with computers all day long :slight_smile:

Really? I would assume that some sort of essence or something was used to get them to smell like this, but without having much of a flavor. Or maybe it’s just some of the other ingredients in there that mask the flavor profile you are trying to hit.

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It just dawned on me that I am talking about the v3.1 bars and this is a thread about the complete protein ones.
Which I have also just bought and now tried.

The banofee was first to go and while better than the 3.1 bars, it still has a weird artificial taste, bitter and “metal-ish”? The aftertaste is definitely worse than while eating it.

Got through the last bar and unfortunately I have to agree with the original post, it didn’t get better and they were hard to get through and I won’t be reordering. Just sticking to the hot and savory range :smiley:

I certainly wouldn’t describe the complete protein bars as terrible or awful like some of the other commenters, and I’m hooked on the convenience of complete nutrition in a bar, but I wish you could dial down the sweetener a bit on the chocolate coating. It’s overwhelming.

It’s strange how we’re all presumably tasting the same thing and coming away with different impressions. These bars don’t taste bitter to me, although maybe that’s because the sweeteners are masking the bitter taste.

I love the Complete Protein Bars. Tastes great and very convenient. I’m on my 9th selection box so far. :grinning:

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I agree Rain. I recently ordered the mixed box of complete Protein Bars and they are also the worst vegan protein bars I’ve tried. incredibly BITTER. If you’ve ever tried chaga tea, which is disgusting unless you like coffee (I hate it) and not only like coffee but like really BITTER coffee then thats what it reminded me of. The Salted caramel was the only one i could force myself to eat. But I messaged them about how awful and they refunded me. Such a shame as I LOVE their Complete protein powder and expected them to taste at least something like that. I was thinking of trying their meals but this put me right off.

They did send another box, appreciate them for that, but unfortunately its just the formula. I would recommend you try the hot and savory. Didnt care the mac n cheese, but the tomato one is fantastic as well as the yellow and one of the chilis? Cant recall the flavor, but most of their products are pretty good. Dont miss out cuz of this one.

Protein has a very bitter taste, that’s why most protein shakes are extremely sweet, to mask the bitter flavour. Most high protein products don’t taste good, that’s a matter of fact. If you want a high protein diet, you have to accept a downgrade in taste.

I agree, really bitter, hard like rocks, and little flavour. It’s a shame, I was looking forward to these.

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy our complete protein bars I will of course make sure to pass everyones feedback to our product team, have you tried our Huel bar v3.1?

Huh? If protein tastes bitter, why don’t egg whites? :face_with_monocle:

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Yes, or meat?

Protein always has a bitter taste, which is why most protein powders contain large amounts of sweeteners.

Oh no it doesn’t!

(Is it pantomime season yet? :grimacing:)