Bar 3.1 doesn't taste good at all

I was very excited for a healthier and filling snack but unfortunately they taste awful in my opinion.
They smell good but they don’t really taste anything like advertised.
I have tried chocolate orange, the regular chocolate and raspberry white chocolate, all of them taste more or less the same.
Describing the taste is hard, but the words that come to mind are bitter and tangy with a hint of chocolate.
I gotta say they are quite filling at least so it’s not all bad, but not something I would keep buying.

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All you can taste in all of them is peas :face_vomiting::weary:

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Give peas a chance!

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I did, they failed me.

But peas taste great! One of nature’s abundant little miracles. If a hint of pea flavour is noticeable I’d say that’s a definite plus.

Ah man, I’m sorry to hear that. Look, we know that they don’t taste like a confectionary style bar. You might prefer our chooclate covered Complete Protein Bar. Occasionally I pop the v3.1 bars in the microwave until they’re gooey. Really good!

Thanks for the feedback and sorry you weren’t a fan. Are you going to try anything else from the range?

Hi Tim, I don’t have any plans to try any other bars from the range but the protein bar sounds interesting, thanks for the suggestion.
I’m also a fan of the powder products and recently tried some hot and savory, they taste quite good so well done on those products, I look forward to what ever new stuff you guys will cook up in the future.

I have literally just eaten a Complete Protein Bar: Peanut Butter.

It was very earthy, somewhat crunchy with some Peanut taste.

I’ve much tastier bars such as ones by Grenade which are about 20 calories more, chewier so it’s easier to consume and eat, more flavour variety and you get 20g of Protein in them vs the 18g you get with the Huel complete Bar.

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These are fantastic, I prefer the macros/taste/price, but they’re not vegan, which might bother some people.

(Also locally available in South Africa)

Grenade did make some vegan bars. Have they stopped making them now? I tried one which had peanuts.

I had a quick look on their site - on the flavour comparison part only one flavour is vegetarian, none are vegan but it doesn’t say why this is. I liked the Grenade bars too but never understood why they marketed themselves as the carb killers as the carb content always seemed pretty high.

Guess the vegan version never worked for them. There are loads of vegan bars on the market now guess their bars couldn’t match the good ones.