I just had my first (v2.0) huel bar choc and orange a little disappointed :-(

Hello everyone, I just got my order delivered this morning that I placed yesterday at 8 p.m fast as ever huel woooosh.

I had to skip breakfast this morning as I can’t turn my blender on really of the mornings it’s so loud and I had to leave the house early; so I got back earlier at 12 and the bars arrived shortly after.
I had quite a funny interaction with the DPD driver my account address for delivery is basically to be delivered to Emma180 which I hadn’t noticed and he asked me what kind of the surname 180 was lol.

Anyway I decided to have a huel bar and it was not a pleasant experience, I don’t know what I really expected but I never really liked dark chocolate and found it too bitter throughout my life.
I think I kind of expected to be like a granola bar almost like a flapjack with a chocolate taste.
Instead it was like this slab of what looked like pretty much solid chocolate like material in a compressed slab which really tasted strongly like dark chocolate.

I pushed through and persevered on and finished the bar it also seemed to somehow have a rather dry texture even through the dark chocolate taste ,but I’ve got to say I’m kind of feeling a sense of dread whenever I have to eat one because I can’t have the shake, which is something I thought I would never say lol.

So I suppose I’m just looking for some support or something I don’t know, does the taste get better as you eat more do you get acclimatize to it.
I mean I really struggled with the taste of the shakes at the start and the texture but now I chug them down.

Did anyone else have that dark chocolate aversion before eating it and persevere did it kind of go away do you get used to it?

Thanks everyone for any thoughts or advice

All I can say is I never acclimatised to the taste of Brussels sprouts and they are bitter to me. There is a bitter gene which means you may never like choc Huel bars.

I like my Huel like I like my women: dark and bitter.


I’m bitter and twisted, or so they say.


Im the same- I tried one of these a while back and have had one in my bag ‘for emergencies’ that I doubt I will ever use lol May give it another go in the future but I wasnt a fan

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@watsername It is a little vexing that the only way to try them is to buy an entire box full and there is no way to try just one basically like all the other stuff you have to chance your arm and a large proportion of your money lol.

It’s like I really like to try the berry flavour but the only way to do that is to buy an entire sack of it lol.

If only there had been away with my subscription when it’s posted to just pay £2.50 or something and have one bar delivered the with my normal delivery that would have been awesome.

But with the current business model of buy it all no samples deal with it, what choice do we have

Yeah @Emma180- it is a little disappointing esp if you dont like it. I have seen many posts on here about samples lol hopefully in the near future!

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I seem to be the opposite and prefer the bars to the shakes…I just like having something to chew I think. Also, I have been allergic to dairy for sometime now so I am used to eating the raw cacao bars instead of chocolate bars. They are very savoury so it’s an acquired taste for sure!

The bars are a bit dry so I sit and have a cup of tea with mine and nibble them slowly. I have a shake for breakfast, a bar and cup of tea mid morning and then a small shake mid afternoon before a regular meal at night. I really look forward to my bar and cuppa each day!


That’s interesting thanks I might try it with a cup of tea when I have one next


How did you get on with it? I :heart: the Chocolate Orange bars! They are my one great weakness… I cut them into 32 pieces and nibble on them while I’m reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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:smile: I do! You reckon I’m the only one?

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Haha I break half a bar into little pieces too. With a mug of coffee. It’s the only way I can eat them :grin:


I don’t chop but I probably take 32 nibbles or more! I think the bars are very good at making me eat more slowly and therein I feel more full after eating. Normally I would snaffle a bar of anything in 30 seconds or less.


For anyone wondering what this looks like…



@Tim_Huel I love that you had to get ruler out ! :laughing::joy::laughing:


Obviously Tim does as well, do you use a ruler as well @Africorn :grinning::grinning:

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I love your job Tim if you ever get bored hit me up

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Not the biggest fan of the bars myself either. Perhaps it is because my expectations were set really high (in the end of the day, it is a Huel product!).

I found the bar to be hard to bite (like a brick) which become powder (sand) in my mouth. Flavour was lacking except the orange touch in the end. Not much chocolate flavour. The bar itself is dry and hard to eat.

I would’ve liked it a little more moist and less powder-like. Perhaps a stronger chocolate flavour as well.

But, that’s just my opinion. Trying to please everyone’s taste is like trying to find a favourite colour for everybody. Ain’t happening.


No, I have a very good eye! :slightly_smiling_face:

ngl I had about 60 emails I didn’t want to answer and this was a great use of my time for 6 likes.

hope my boss doesn't read this