I just had my first (v2.0) huel bar choc and orange a little disappointed :-(


All future posts titled “My huel still hasn’t arrived after 36 hours since ordering and Huel haven’t replied to my 16 emails let’s boycott them” will be directed here


They probably was all from me as I am not happy at all! I put an order in 2 hours ago and my Huel has not arrived! Where the hell is it, change courier asap.


Haha to confirm these weren’t customer service emails, those folks would have had about 300 (but would have answered them).

If my boss is reading, I have now answered [some of]them.


Fan mail from @hunzas again :grinning:


Ouch. Snarky.


I had to Google this one. Nice word.

Mmm. I just judge Huel vs a higher set of standards than other brands. Comes from considering them industry leaders and referent.

Meal replacement bars are tricky, since often some sacrifices need to be done either nutritionally, texture-wise or taste-wise. Not all ingredients work when creating the solid version of complete food. Considering that Huel does a good job delivering a fully fledge product. I just think the taste and texture leave to be desired.

I would eat them, but I would have a shake without any doubt over the bars.


Yes, the priority with Huel bars is definitely nutrition above taste and texture. I prefer that though. I like the bars, particularly the chocolate orange. Like you I would prefer a fuller flavour and a softer, chewier texture, but as my priority is also nutrition, I would buy Huel bars over any other. I did buy some bars and cookies from My Protein, which were absolutely delicious. Trouble with that though, was I ended up eating them by the trough load, which wasn’t the plan, and adversely affected both my wallet and my waistline!


Maybe, there was a hidden plot that I was missing to keep us all healthy.:thinking:


I think the bars are perfect. Completely edible (I actually find them very pleasant). Nutrition is great. And the fact they aren’t delicious and moreish is absolutely essential!!!


I think the points on texture of the Huel Bar are totally valid. The nutritional profile is very good, not as good as Powder, but still good. We’re working so hard to roll out new versions of the Bar as soon as we’ve made improvements to the softness.


I had to bin a whole box of Huel bars after trying one. It was an awful experience, not sure what I expected but they weren’t for me.


Eek, that’s a shame, someone would probably have bought them from you, or you could have donated them to a food bank/homeless shelter etc. Part of Huels ethos is cutting down on food waste, so it’s a shame that you didn’t like them. :frowning:


I kept them until after their use by date as I was going to try again, but in the end couldn’t face it.


Oh, just for the record…

After boasting about how good my eye is, this one turned out a bit messy… It was a slightly wonky one to start with :slightly_smiling_face:


Still looks good to me :slight_smile:


I also struggle with the dryness of them, but I like the flavour. I haven’t tried cutting them into 32 though - I’ll have to have a go!
I was wondering if anybody has experimented with the bars like they do with the powder. I reckon you could probably put a bar in a food processor with some other stuff to make something with a better texture. Obviously it affects the nutritional profile but it would be interesting to see what could be created. Having said that, I am definitely NOT the person to try and do that as I am an appalling cook/baker. Anybody wanna experiment for me?? :grinning:


Seems Huel are already on the case, trying to come up with a better, softer texture for the bars. See Tim’s post above :grin:


I know I’ve already said it but waaaaa I’m worried they are gonna change it. I reeeeally like them as they are. To me they are perfect. If they were chewy and soft I would eat the whole box in one go :tired_face:
They are really nice but you have to eat them slowly (in 32 little bites as calculated scientifically thanks to @Africorn !)


I also hope they don’t change, as I think they’re just perfect. But we may be in the minority :slightly_frowning_face:


That’s the problem with most things. No way you can please everybody.