Noob in need of advice

Hello everyone!
I got my first Huel just three days ago. Two bags of U/U, some granola, and bars. U/U powder is ok, especially with flavored milk, granola is… fine, I can live with it. But bars… jeeze they are so… awful. Bitter and just bleh.

Do I miss something? Any tips how to make it more eatable?


Not really. A solid is a solid really. Anything you add would have to be on top which would involve taking it out the wrapper and adding to it. I quite like the current bars tbh.

Soak for 5 minutes in brandy for a festive treat. Moistens it a bit too.

Lovely - I’ve had 3 thish mornink and am pished as a…zzzzz


Somebody puts their bars in the microwave for a few seconds and apparently it makes them softer, but the new bars, v.3, are softer anyway. If they are the Coffee flavour, I agree - they are bitter and don’t taste good to me. I struggled through a box of those. The Chocolate Orange ones are my favourite and taste a lot better.

I put the previous bars in the microwave to soften them. Much better to eat then. Heat half a bar for 10 seconds which is all I eat at a time.
The new bars are much nicer. Just the right texture for me. Have only tried Cocoa & Orange ones so far.


By contrast, I much preferred the coffee ones (for v2) and really struggled with the cocoa & orange ones. Just 1 left to go before I have finished them and can allow myself to try the v3 ones :smiley:

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I like my Huel bars like I like my women. Moist.

I have to sit in the microwave for that these days.


I’ve had a box of original coffee ones I couldn’t really fancy - I could get along with the chocolate / orange ones, but the coffee were just too dry. But the microwave tip has saved them from the bin - lovely, like a chocolate brownie dessert eaten with a topping of skyr yoghourt, or if I’m feeling indulgent, a couple of spoons of fresh custard. This has allowed me to fulfill my dream of having dessert as a meal (occasionally).

My son has taken a box of these on his travels, where he often doesn’t have easy access to good food, eg 12 hours on a train across Russia.

I look forward to trying the new version.