Huel bar experiences?

Hi everyone. I used to be an avid huel drinker until about a year ago when I suddenly really missed eating meals and gave it up.

I’ve been considering the bars for a while now, and as one of my favourite flavours is raspberry with white chocolate and my snack habits have been a little out of control since isolation, I figured now might be the best time!

Could anyone describe the texture of them? The site says they’re soft and chewy (which makes me think of something similar to Nakd bars) but some reviews say they’re quite dry? How filling are they - could they substitute breakfast? Would they satisfy a sweet craving?


I don’t think a single bar is filling enough to replace breakfast, but you could have two. One bar makes a good snack.

I’d describe the texture as soft and chewy, and quite dry. However (LIFEHACK OMG) you can microwave them for 15-20 seconds and they turn into the best thing in the world. I can’t overstate how much nicer they become.

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Big discussion on peoples thoughts on 3.1 bars here

what i think about huel bars:

dont judge them by 200kcal they wont make you fat if you eat 4 at once

peanut butter

I love them and slightly over ordered heh.

Definitely soft and chewy, I usually eat everything with some iced water between bites so I couldn’t tell you if they are really dry, doesn’t seem like it to me tbh.

Coffee caramel is freakin’ lush.

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Sooooo many things are much better if you put them in the microwave for fifteen seconds.

Day old donuts from Coop for 20p? Microwave them!
Dry biscuits / cookies? Microwave for a cakey texture.
Belvita breakfast bakes? Stick em in for twenty and you can eat a-plenty!


Totally off topic but on the subject of microwaves and life hacks… you can cook regular dried pasta in the microwave. Just chuck a portion into a bowl, fill water to about an inch above the pasta, add two minutes to the cooking time on the packet for hob and hey presto, a perfectly cooked single portion of cooked pasta ready for a sauce.

As a divorced gentleman I can honestly say that this discovery changed my life.

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Another life hack, you can cook almost anything that is only meant to be oven cooked by microwaving it for a bit then frying it off in a pan. Can cook things that are meant to take 30 mins in the oven in less than 10 with no preheating required.


It also works the other way round. I accidentally bought a microwave only meal when our microwave was busted. Stuck it in a ovenproof dish and baked it instead.

Instructions are overrated.

Thanks everyone for the serious replies, by the way!


Apologies for joining the topic derailment! I haven’t tried the bars so can’t help on that front!

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Haha that’s okay, life hacks are always appreciated.

I just ordered the raspberry and peanut bars, so I didn’t take much convincing anyway!

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They are a little dry on their own, but very convenient, great for some nutritional calories in a rush.