Huel snack bars

I have been using huel for about three weeks now. Received my second order yesterday.

I must say that using the unflavored version with a flavorboost is a totally new taste experience then the vanilla and berry huel I ordered the first time.

This morning I used the unflavored huel with the caramel flavorboost and couldn’t believe how tasty and smooth that was. The vanilla huel has a much more “in your face” taste then what I had this morning. I like the fact that the huel taste can be different.

I also ordered the huel snack bars. Both coffee and cocoa flavors. I was very unhappy with the taste. It tasted like cardboard and feet in my opinion. I can’t imagine eating any more in the future. It’s going to be shame throwing them all away. There is less talk about the bars here on the forum it seems, has anyone had the same experience with the flavor of the bars?

The bar is the best attempt possible at taking the nutritional profile of Huel and making it into a solid taking the fewest number of sacrifices along the way. The taste could be improved easily by just adding more sugar, fat, sweetener and the likes. It won’t taste as nice as a chocolate bar and it’s something I tell people if I give them one. It’s designed to be healthy, not necessarily designed to be tastey.

The first version of the bar which came out ages ago was much much dryer than this so I actually find the current versions decent.

My advice would be to stick with them and get into your mindset that this is what solid food which is not filled with sugar etc tastes like!


I’m hoping that the coffee flavored bar will be better (only tried the cocoa). It isn’t easy to eat something that tastes bad even if you know that it’s nutricious and good for you. But will make an effort and try it again in a few days. Maybe i’ll adapt. :slight_smile:

I do like the Huel shakes. Replacing two meals every day now. Still have a lot to experiment with in terms of tastes. Ordered some flavdrops also but have not yet received them.

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I didn’t like the Coffee bar flavour very much, but I worked my way through a box of them. I love the Chocolate Orange bars - I’m on my 3rd box of those now! I haven’t tried the plain Chocolate ones because I’m so happy with the Choc/Orange.

I thought the choc-orange ones were quite nice. I am used to eating other similar condensed food bars though so perhaps I was expecting the powdery dense texture. I thought the flavour was pretty good. Unlike other bars of pulsin or nakd etc, I found it quite difficult to consume an entire Huel bar in one go - this is a good thing for me, because I am really bad at scoffing multiple bars of pretty much anything!
I haven’t tried the cocoa or the coffee ones so can’t really comment, but I guess if you really really hate them, you could sell them on or give them to someone. I had to do this with the Berry flavour powder - loads of people seem to like it - I thought it was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted and despite numerous attempts, it was just impossible to drink. I did eventually find someone to give it away to, and now I just stick to the flavours I like!

It’s probably hard to produce something like Huel and to make sure everybody likes the taste of it.
I’m working thru a bag of Huel Berry also, it’s not my favorite but don’t really dislike it. Adding a little bit of cacao powder makes it more tastefull for me. But i’m starting to realise that the Unflavored version is the way to go for me. This afternoon I had 2 scoops with around 300ml of water, added one whole banana and some ice and blended it. It was very tastefull for me.

Maybe i’ll order the Choc-orange bars next time. Ordering the snack bars was an attempt for me to stop eating so much unhealthy snacks. I’ve got a real bad habbit of eating a lot of cookies, chocolate and other stuff in the evening. You can really call me an addict when it comes to snacking.

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Cacao powder is a winner with Huel. The Raw Chocolate Company do a raw, organic, un-dutched and fairtrade Cacao powder which from what I can see is as close as you can get to ideal.

My weekday breakfast is 90g of original vanilla Huel with 9g of Cacao powder. Cacao powder is great for you and contains a mild stimulant called theobromine which is softer than caffeine.

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I also really like the unflavoured powder.
You might find that just consuming Huel regularly will stop your unhealthy snack cravings - it’s certainly helped me loads with this - if I’m having 2 Huel meals a day, I actually really don’t fancy chocolate or crisps or sweets (really unusual for me). The only snack cravings I get are for fresh fruit and vegetable soup lol !

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Same here pretty much. I eat a lot more veg than I used to.

I carry a couple of bars around with me for those occasions where I’m not at home and need to eat something. One bar is quite enough to keep me going till my next proper meal and it saves me from eating pasties or junk food.