Huel Bars v3.1 Chocolate and Coffee Caramel

Hello everyone,

I’ve been enjoying the Huel Powder vanilla and chocolate for over a month or so now. With it I ordered the Huel Bars v3.1 Chocolate and Coffee Caramel. However, everytime I try to eat one of the bars I instantly have to gag. From the texture to the taste, it’s horrible and I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemies. With the shakes however I kind of enjoy the taste actually. Is there a way to sneak those bars in? Anyone tried to do something with the bars? Like putting them in the blender with the shake or something?

Would love to hear some ideas from fellow Hueligans!

I absolutely love the new bars. Re doing something with them, if you put them in the microwave for 10 seconds they go much softer. I like them just as they are though.

I also really like the bars. Not sure why you are having such trouble with them.
Try dunking them in a nice hot cup of coffee or as bee suggests warm them for a few seconds to make them softer.
They work out more expensive per calorie than the powder so I can’t see the value of blending them in, unless it’s literally to get through them!
Maybe they will grow on you?!