Huel bars 3.1 Flavours

¡Hello everyone!
I tired Huel Black Label chocolate flavour and I didn’t like it. I like the vainilla one though.
I liked Huel chocolate powder 2.3

So, the question is: Do huel bars 3.1 chocolate flavours taste well? I like Peanut butter and salted caramel, but I hadn’t tried others.

Thank you!

I like the chocolate and chocolate orange bars but my absolute favourite has to be the coffee caramel!

There’s also some new bars out, white chocolate and raspberry, which I waaaant… but I still have like five other boxes to eat through lol. Ah well, they have a long shelf life.

Anyway, yes the chocolate bar is a good taste I think, it’s not dairy milk, heh, but it’s very pleasant.

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Big discussion on peoples thoughts on 3.1 bars here including reviews on peoples flavour experiences.


Thank you!
I’ll definitely also try coffee caramel :slight_smile:
I’m eager to buy the next batch, because is great changinb between my vanilla black label and the bars

Thank you @Phil_C . I will check it.