Help Convince me to buy Huel Protein

Currently using Huel Black 1 scoop which gives me 20g of protein after the gym.

Each scoop costs 73p (2 scoops cost £1.47 - a usual full meal).

Each Huel Black bag gives me 34 scoops.

I want to be convinced about Huel Protein as I like the idea but each bag has 26 scoops and costs 87p per scoop.

And seems largely the same as Huel Black.

Main difference seems to be it’s got a higher protein content per scoop and it comes in different flavours. It turns the black edition into a sort of mid-point between this new protein powder and the v3 powder.

I’m more interested in the flavours than anything else, would’ve preferred to see them come to black edition so I could save on money but ah well.

I know one scoop of Huel Black gives 20g of protein and 1 scoop of Huel Complete Protein gives 20g of protein.

Huel Black being cheaper ‘per scoop’

I know there are less carbs and calories in the complete protein which could be a good thing.

Does Huel Black have any antioxidants? I read this new complete protein comes with antioxidants which are good after exercise so that is another good thing about it the new protein.

Huel’s protein comes with it’s own smaller scoop. It’s 20g of protein for around 100 calories. Huel black is 200 calories for 20 grams of protein.

So Huel protein you need to consume a lot less to get the same amount. The protein is also from a different source (faba, hemp, pea).

Other than that people seem to say it’s a lot smoother to drink and closer to the RTD texture than any of the powders. Plus the flavours sound good.

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Did originally say ‘per 100g’ but simplified it to ‘per scoop’ without knowing it has a different sized scoop, my bad. But like the last poster says, the general thing is it has a higher protein/powder ratio.

Complete protein contains half the number of calories as Black for the same amount of protein. So whether you need it depends on what you need to achieve.

The classic use case is after a workout when I want the protein but not the extra calories.

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TBH I didn’t need convincing from anyone when I started. I read up on everything and tried it out for myself. My weight is now where I want it and I am getting all my nutritions in one easy to make meal a day.

yeah, for me I prefer the extra calories in Huel Black but I go to the gym a lot and have been on Huel for 1-3 meals per day for over a year now so gonna have to try their protein out

They seem like fairly different use cases to me…

  • Huel Black if you want to replace entire meals within a higher protein diet.
  • Huel Protein if you want to replace a high protein snack / protein shake.

So, are you replacing a meal or a snack?

Now they do Huel protein I will be swapping out my daily dose and have either shakes or H&S for lunch + protein shake for gym workouts only.

Should have protein shakes on my next delivery.

I use so much energy in the day that the calorie count of 200 vs 100 makes no difference to me.

The main initial thing was how much grams of plant based protein am I getting for my £

Huel Black wins that question but just ordered two tubs of the Huel Protein anyway as I wanna try it since I live on Huel and in the gym nowadays.