Huel Black vs Complete Protein - Difference?

I’m trying to decide between these for my next order.

I was tempted by the Complete Protein (I’m looking at trying a new protein shake to supplement a veggie diet) but it seems like a half portion of Huel Black is pretty similar to the Complete Protein and actually at a lower price unless I’m missing something:

Huel Black (Half portion - 45g - 73p)
20g protein
3.6g BCAA (if my maths is right!)

Huel Complete Protein (30g - 87p)
20g protein

And from what I can see the vitamin levels and extras are also “broadly” similar 0.5 Black vs 1x Complete Protein, other than the added MCT and green tea in Black / Curcumin and Piperine in CP.

Is the main difference just the slightly lower calories and slightly higher BCAAs in the complete protein? If so it seems like Black is actually more suitable as I’m not bothered by additional calories.

Hey Rich, I would agree that if you aren’t bothered by the additional calories then Black Edition might be the one for you, but twice the amount of calories is quite significant!

We’ve got a comparison here:

But it doesn’t show the full detail on vitamins and minerals. So apart from Black Edition being twice the calories, almost half the BCAAs and without additional ingredients like Curcumin and Piperine, they’re quite similar :laughing: